Friday, July 15, 2011

Walking Video


  1. oh wow. . .so great to be up and walking so soon. Keep up the good work!

  2. Aww that's wonderful! And I have to say I love nurse Adrienne. Tell her Jenn Petersen says hello. She took care of my little Zeke a lot and I really loved getting to know her. I stumbled onto your blog from the intermountain healing hearts page on facebook. Abby is so cute and looks great. I feel ya on wanting to get outta there ASAP, I felt the same way. We have been doing the icu thing on and off for the last 6 months. Although now that I am home I often find myself missing the wonderful people in the icu, but not actually being in the icu. I hope Abby continues to recover and gain strength. I think it is fantastic you were brought the sacrament and a young woman's lesson. What a bright light to your day. Family really is what it's all about. I am still working on my relationships from so much time spent away from home. They will all come back don't worry. :) Thanks for keeping a record, it's nice to hear about other people's experiences and know there is understanding and empathy all over. I've tried so hard not to get caught up in the "no one understands" attitude and talking and reading about all the other crazy things that go on has helped me keep perspective. Anyway, my name is Jenn by the way. Nice to meet you here in cyber space. I'm sorry you are so far from home. I'm only an hour from the hospital and I thought that was far. Have a good night, at least those picu beds are pretty comfortable right? I slept quite well in those dark rooms, especially on Sunday nights. Tell Abby her friends she doesn't even know are thinking about and praying for her. Angels are all over the ICU and right there with her...and you. Moms need angels too. I know I had some. Love to your sweet family.