Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No surgery yet.....just waiting for the heart still

Abby is all scrubbed up and ready to go......but the heart isn't here yet.  I think if they come in and say they changed their mind and it's not good enough, I will lose it.  It won't be okay.  We are ready now.  Abby is happy, they brought her some play doh to keep her hands busy and distracted.  Britt and Brock are just trying to stay focused and positive, and distract abby!  All of her nurse friends have come by and old us good luck, lots of hugs up here.  Brock said one of his friends just texted and he heard on the radio that Abby Doman is getting her new heart today, just amazing!!!  We've been patient this long, I think we can wait a little longer.  I just keep watching that door waiting for the surgeons to say......It's time!!  Thanks for all your prayers, please don't forget to pray for the family of the donor....what an amazing gift!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that her heart will be there soon. I have followed your page so closely and I have been waiting for the day that her heart comes. I well continue to pay for both Abby and the surgical team and your family! You guys are amazing!!

  2. We're praying for you! Blessings coming your way!

  3. we will pray for you. You are my hero. Your strength has helped me get through all the medical stays my two year has gone through.