Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cath and biopsy=perfect results, no rejection!

Wow, what a long day we had today.  We had to be at PCMC at 6:00 this morning to check in for Abby's cath and biopsy.  Because I'm such a spaz at being on time, we were there at 5:55, I know that's crazy and I learned my lesson since they didn't even take her down until 7:30.  I felt so bad when they came in to start Ab's IV and they couldn't find a place that didn't have scar tissue build up.  Her arms are still covered in bruises and little holes, they finally put one in a place that is usually very sore, but they had no choice.  While Abby was in her surgery and I was sitting in the waiting room.....again, I couldn't help but thinking, "You know what?  I'm getting really tired of all of this.  Too many IV's, too many kissing her goodbyes on the way to surgeries, too many times sitting and waiting with the pager, too many echos and xrays and ekg's and labs and .........just too many!!!"  There just comes a point when you reach your limit, and I was there!  But, then I remembered where we are today and where we've come from since May 18th.  I had to put things into perspective a little bit.  We could've still been sitting in our Sugarhouse house waiting for a heart, but instead we've already been discharged from the hospital and Abby feels like a new kid!  So, I only cried and felt sorry for myself for a minute, and then I snapped out of it.   Abby was finished with the surgery at about 9:00, then we had to go to the pacu for recovery.  When I saw her she was already awake and asking for a slushy.....there's nothing quite better than a slushy from PCMC!  After about 20 minutes, Ab was asking if we could get going, she was ready for clinic, but they made us wait about an hour for her to really wake up.  Then it was down to the cardiology department for more tests.  Abby had an echo and an ekg, then we visited with all of the sweet docs and nurses for a while.  We sure do love all of the doctors and nurses on Team Doman, we've become pretty attached to all of them.  Thursday they promised to wear their shirts so we can have a photo shoot, I'll post pics later.  Finally, at about 1:30, we were done!  The good news, really, really good news is........Everything looks great, even the biopsy-no rejection :)  Abby's new heart is working fabulously, I'm pretty sure it was meant to be, it was a perfect match.  I'm again reminded of how grateful I am for the donor family, what a choice they had to make; But their decision saved Abby's life.  I hope one day they can sit down and read this blog and realize the incredible role they played in Abby's miracle.  We celebrated by going out to dinner, which is kind of a trick because we can only go if we sit on the patio, it's not prime time, and we stay in the shade.  But, we followed all of these instructions and had a nice dinner.  The people at the Dodo treated Abby like she was royalty when they found out what was up with her and why she had to be isolated, they were awesome, we'll probably go back!  Worrying about germs and sickness all the time can be draining sometimes, but it's our new life, so we just better adapt.

Tomorrow morning we have Kathy Aiken from KSL coming to do the Abby's follow up story.  As soon as I know when it will be showing, I will let you know.  Abby loves the interviews, she's always so poised and knows just what to say.  I always freak out a little and have to put on a cool face when really, inside, I'm a mess. I really don't like being on TV, at all, maybe this time they will just let smooth Abby do the talking!  This week we also get to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law and their kids who are in town, we can't wait, it's been too long since we've seen them.  Thursday is back to PCMC for some more tests and clinic again.  I wonder how long I'll be so nervous when we go there, will I ever fully be able to trust this new heart?  I hope so.

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