Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life in our Sugarhouse house.....

There aren't very many things I hate more than saying goodbye, especially when it's to my kids.  I just had to send Brock and Britt to St. George, and Abby and I had to stay here.  Because of football, Brock will only be able to be with us on the weekends and that's if I can get him a ride!  Britt will be able to spend a little more time here, at least until school starts anyway.  I completely hate this part of what we're going through.  It's hard.... really, really hard.  I hate not really knowing what's going on in their lives, and especially not really being a part of them.  We are pretty close, we have so much fun together, and we really do like spending time together-it's what we do.  I feel like we're closer than lots of families, I just hope we can maintain that for the next few months.   Maybe, and it helps me to think this way.....maybe we have become so close so that we will be able to make it through this hard time.  Maybe all of the time we've spent in the past, building our family,  has been for this one purpose, for this time in our lives.   I just have to believe that we can do this, we've done everything else up to this point.....and we can do this too.  I talked to the transplant team and begged them to let us go back to St. George sooner, but we just can't.  We still have to be close to PCMC just in case something happens.  I know I'm just trying to rush things again and I shouldn't, I still just need to be patient, it will happen soon enough, but it's hard.  For all of you that are home, with your families there with you, all together.....I can't help but be jealous and I sure hope you don't take this time for granted, because you just never know.  I ache for the day that we're back in our house in St. George, just hanging out together, and not having to say goodbye!!! 

It does feel good to be out of the hospital though!  We left yesterday, just 10 days after the transplant....I hate to say it, but it really is another miracle, who can leave the hospital only 10 days after having heart transplant???  It was kind of interesting though, before we left I had to go through discharge training.  I had to be trained to take Abby home, and even though we're home, we have to spend 3 days this week back up at the hospital.  Tomorrow, Abby has to get her labs done and an echo, just to make sure everything is okay after taking the chest tubes out.  Tuesday is Abby's big day.  She has another cath and biopsy to check on the heart and on the mild rejection, keep your fingers crossed for good results on this day.  She also has her clinic with the transplant team.  Thursday is another clinic day.  Wednesday is a good day, Kathy Aiken, with KSL is coming back to do their follow up story on Abby.  Abby likes being on TV and being interviewed, me...... not so much, but I will do it.   I will let you know when it will be on.  The KUTV interview has also been posted, Britt linked it on the side of the blog if you missed it.  I think Abby did a great job and I loved how she linked it to organ donation, she really is a superstar!

The next 5 weeks are going to be hard, not hard like when we were waiting for the heart, or when we were in the hospital, but hard because we can't do anything.  We can't really go anywhere or do anything.  We will have a lot of down time.  So call me, text me, facebook me...just talk to me so I don't go crazy.  Please come visit with us, but only if you're not sick.  We will not be happy if we work so hard on not going anywhere to catch germs, and then someone brings them in to us, that won't be fair.  You can always visit Abby later, we're not going anywhere anytime soon!!  But, as soon as we get the okay, probably the first part of September, we are going to take a day trip to St. George!!  Maybe we'll shoot for that on my birthday on the 14th, that can be Abby's present to me :)  We just need to keep praying for Abby to stay healthy so that we can move back by November 1st!

** If any of you are heading up to Salt Lake on Friday, any time after 10:30 am, let me know....I'm trying to find up here for Brock; Or if you're heading from Salt Lake back to St. George on Sunday night, same thing, just let me know.  It will be just like this for the next 4 poor kids might have to take up hitchhiking!!

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