Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey everyone it's Britt.. Here are some pictures! Her breathing tube is out and so far so good with breathing on her own :) She can talk now too, but is very tired!
 My mom stretching in the hall during surgery haha spaz :)
 The long hallway we stared at just waiting for the nurse to come update us. 6 hours of staring at this! I don't think we would care if we ever saw that again :)
 Right after surgery
 She opened her eyes very quickly :)
 All the IV medications
 Chest tubes
 A little bit later..
 Opening her eyes and attempting to smile :) SO TOUGH!
 Breathing tube out!! :) She has ice packs on her head becauese she says she is burning up! She has a little fever but they say that is normal.
 Still her goofy self haha
 She looks so much better without the breathing tube :)
 Just one of three huge tanks in her room!


  1. Abby, we all miss you down here in St. George! Last night I was at young womens and Shelli Ashton, Alesa's mom, is my leader and Alesa was there with us so Shelli was getting texts from Mrs. Allred, our advisor, and was reading them aloud. When she got the text that you had your heart thawing inside your body and were doing well, we all cheered! We are all so glad that you're doing well! We're so happy for you and that the procedure went well!

    We love you!


  2. Our soccer team played a few times against Abby's. Would love nothing more than seeing her kick and run after the ball again.
    So happy for you all! What a miracle!
    Abby, we are rooting for you and for a speedy recovery!
    God bless!

    Pascal Jammet
    Strikers FC

  3. My very favorite one is the one that says "Do I have my heart?"

  4. Congratulations Abby...we have been praying and we are beyond happy that you have done so well. What a are amazing! I'm sure you are all still a bit on edge and this may be hard to believe but one day you will all look back and remember this experience with a great fondness. It's because it's a special opportunity to literally feel the power from all the prayers said on your behalf and also to feel the support and love of so many who care so much about you (including your Savior)! Hang in there sweet girl :)
    Lynnette Cardall

  5. Wow!! what exciting news, i remember seeing abbys story on the news and being a little sick inside. My daughter megan had open heart surgery at 1 and had another surgery in nov. she had 2 holes in her heart and she wpw(Wolff parknson white) wpw can cause your heart to just stop,she will have another surgery when she is 12 if not sooner. We are so glad to hear how great abby is doing so far, you are all in our hearts and prayers:) Michelle you are such an amazing women\mom. I look forward to reading about abbys recovery and future.
    Kaycee Dance