Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pictures of Abby's old, sick heart

Hey it's Britt. We got to see Abby's old heart today so here are some pictures.. Don't look at these pictures unless you want to get grossed out!
 They just brought it in like a tupperware container
 It was supposed to be the size of Abby's fist, but it was bigger than Brock's fist!
 The muscle on the top is supposed to be about 1/8 that size!
 We even got to hold it!

 She only held it for one second for the picture, but then had to put it down so she wouldn't pass out haha
 Abby wouldn't hold it, too grossed out

 The chunk out of it is for tests. They were very interested in Abby's heart because it is very messed up!
 This was the heart right after they took it out. They printed these out for us on pieces of paper.. kind of  weird haha but cool at the same time!

 All of Abby's 6 o'clock pills!
 We lost all the pieces to monopoly so we are using the ninjas haha
 One of our favorite nurses!
Mask up!


  1. Wow. That is incredible. We are so happy for Abby and your family! Loved the news story yesterday. Abby- you totally rock! Thanks for all the blogging!

    -Samantha Justvig Burton
    (Aaron Justvig's sister)

  2. Personally I think that all monopoly boards should come with ninjas as the pieces!! The pictures of your heart are sweet--but i have to admit, I don't know if I would like to hold my own heart in my hands or not; that is a little surreal to think about!

    I must say though that Ab's look so great and I still cannot believe that she is up and going so well and so fast- SUPERSTAR!!

  3. That is amazing, I was able to hold my mom's Liver as soon as they took it out for transplant and i must say it is fascinating. Your all so blessed to have Abby. I know my mother has had her transplant for 7 years and I felt blessed to celebrate her 71 birthday this year. Hugs

  4. those photos are fascinating! Thanks for sharing!