Friday, July 1, 2011

Still living at our home away from home away from home!!

So.......Britt and Brock and the rest of the family are flying to Hawaii right now, and Abby and I are still at PCMC.   Most of the day yesterday, Abby wasn't feeling great.  She had lost her energy again and just felt blah, so they decided we should probably stick around until she started feeling better.  She didn't complain about anything during the night, and she's still asleep now, so we'll just have to see how she feels when she wakes up.  I knew she wasn't feeling great when she didn't even want to go cruise around the hospital with me and visit all of her fans.  I have to say that she perked up a little when she had a visit from a bunch of boy basketball players from our school last night!  You can't beat that when you're 12 years old. 

They did another echo on Abby yesterday and didn't find anything new with the murmer they heard, so that was good news.  They also raiser her Coumadin to 3 mg to get that INR where it's supposed to be, but the doc just came in and said it's still just 1.3, so we're just going to have to be patient and wait for it to get back to where it's supposed to be.  Abby just woke up and says she feels about the same as yesterday, just not a lot of energy.  I'm predicting we'll be here a couple more days, but who knows?  It's kind of crappy to be paying the bills for two houses and not living in either of them.  Well, I guess I'm really paying the bills for this "house" too, so I shouldn't feel so bad :) 

My dad will be coming back up here today, so we won't be completely separated from all family.....he chose to spend the time with us, even though he paid for most of the Hawaii trip for the family, crazy....I know, but it will be good to have him here.  It will also be good to see Les and her girls today.  For anyone that's coming to visit, just let us know first.  Text, call, or facebook me so we know you're coming...and remember, if you're sick or have been sick, please come visit when you feel better, we've got to keep Abby healthy right now for sure.  Let's pray for a relaxing, but enjoyable day, and a day that I finally beat Abby at Monopoly.


  1. K. I know how much you love Hawaii cause I love it that much too. Hawaii will always be there. We will do a teacher trip when Abs has her new ninja heart and is settled. I am so happy that Sparks gets to come up and see you guys. I hope I can get there soon. Much Aloha. p.s. just a heads up I hope Sparks isn't mad but here is a secret--I know Sparks has been looking around trying to find a bit of Hawaii to bring to you. It may come in the form of a coconut bra. I hope she found you one and I hope she is not mad at me for giving you a heads up. :)

  2. Abby, we are praying your new heart comes soon!

    Miracle Mason's Mommy

  3. Hey abbs hang in there! I have been praying for a new heart. I hope britt and brock have a good time in hawaii. Now you have missed out on 2 fun vacations, lagoon and hawaii.