Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 laps around the ICU....but still really weak

It's Saturday....there are a lot of places we'd rather be today than hanging out in the cicu, but we're not going to complain, at least were not still sitting in our Sugarhouse house waiting for "the call!" 

Abby had a pretty good day yesterday.  Seeing her get up and walk around was just the greatest feeling ever.  It's funny when I feel proud of her just for getting out of bed, but it is a big deal.  She made 2 laps around the entire ICU!  This is just such a sad place to be though, there are a lot of really, really sick kids here.  It's so hard to think that some of these kids might not make it, it breaks your heart.  I know I keep saying how great Abby is doing, but she is still really weak.  After we get her in her back in her bed, she's real shaky and sleeps for a long time.  She's struggling with eating and drinking.  They almost put a feeding tube in this morning, but our fabulous nurse Adrienne convinced them to give her a little more time to try to eat on her own.  Since then she's eaten a pancake, some bacon, and some carnation...Abby will do what she needs to.  She woke up feeling really crappy today, and even admitted that she didn't feel well-that's a first.  She had no energy and was shaking all over.  She didn't feel any pain, she just didn't feel good.  This could be from many different things, and they are going to try everything today to get to the bottom of it.  It made me cry to see her not feeling good.  It's hard when you're used to seeing her always smiling and happy and then  you see her shaky and weak and so, so tired.  It's hard on a mom.  I have never done well when my kids were sick, I used to get teary when they had an upset stomach....I'm kind of a whimpy that way.  I don't like my kids to be hurting.  I just hope she perks up a little bit more as the day goes on.

They decided to leave the 2 chest tubes in for at least another day, she's still draining quite a bit.  It was quite the adventure yesterday when they took the other 2 out and the drain where her defibrillator was.  Abby wanted me stay with her because they told her it would hurt.  But when I saw those tubes sticking out of her chest, I almost passed out.  I had to sit down.  I really don't know how Abby can be so brave through all of this.  But, I did stay with her and I didn't even pass out and she said it did hurt but not too bad.  We survived it! 

We had some fun yesterday too.  A few of my friends that I swam with at the University of Utah stopped by to see us.  It was great to be able to catch up with them and to have them meet my kids.   Stacey, Julie, and Tricia....thank you, you made my day.  I was just starting to feel a little stir crazy and I needed a break.  Last night the kids and I hung out playing games, it was one thing that has felt normal through all of this and it felt good.   Brock was just dying to play Old Maid, so thank goodness they had some cards down in the gift shop, how could any one "want" to play Old Maid????  Too bad Britt lost every time, she must really be the old maid!   We did have fun together, and Abby was happy. 

I'm so proud of Britt and Brock and how they have been handling all of this.  I haven't been a good mom to them lately and they've had to do a lot on their own.  I'm impressed with how they've stepped up and filled in with the things I haven't been able to do.  They take such good care of Abby, it's obvious to see how much they love her.  Brock has spent time rubbing her swollen feet and playing games with her.  Britt paints her nails and helps keep track of her nursing.  When Abby is ready to get up and walk around, they're both right there ready to help with whatever she needs.  They've also had to help with our house up here when I've been at the hospital so much, and they've done a great job.  Hopefully, I'll soon be able to pay some attention to them again, they deserve it.  It's hard for me to do everything I should be doing, and they've been a little neglected.  Brock will be heading to St. George this week for some football, and Britt will be staying here with us. 

I think we'll probably be in the ICU until Monday, then move up to the 3rd floor.  We will be ready to be out of here by then, that's for sure.  Remember if you're sick, or have been around anyone that has been sick, please don't come to see Abby.  You might just have a cold, but it can give her pneumonia.  We just need to be real careful for a while.  It's not that we don't want to see you, we've just got to remember what Abby has gone through, and we need to be cautious.  Thanks for all of your support......just keep praying for Abby to get stronger.


  1. I am also so pleased with the the maturity Britt and Brock have shown.
    It is tough to be in their shoes because all the focus needs to be on you and esp Abs. I knew they would do a great job because that is who they are.
    I am happy they got to take a break for a minute to do Hawaii (each time I see the picture of Brock holding the puffer I get woozy).
    I am sad Abs' stomach is giving her fits. I bet this too shall pass but it stinks while its happening.

  2. I am someone you do not know, I have been following this blog since day one. Abby you are a beautiful girl and you amaze me with all your strength. And to Michelle, I have three children also and you have inspired me so much and my testimony has grown so much from reading your posts. You are amazing and so strong. And to Britt and Brock you are fantastic to your little sister and been so unselfish and understanding, loving and helpful. I will continue to pray for you all and will also add Christian in my prayers. I can't tell you how many times I am crying at the end of most of your posts.