Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wish Trip Day 4 - Hollywood Studios and back to Magic Kingdom

     We were so tired, so we decided to sleep in today and we did!  It was 10:00 by the time we got out of bed.  It seemed like each day we woke up later and later.  Today was the day I had been waiting for the entire trip, I love Tower of Terror and had been begging to ride it since we got to Florida, so we got on the shuttle and went to Hollywood Studios.  I loved it there, Brock did too, it was a fun place to be.  We headed straight to Tower of Terror, because I made them, and I still have to say that it's the best ride anywhere!  It was funny because it's a little different than the Tower of Terror in Disneyland and this threw the kids off a little bit.  I loved it, they got real nervous when it went a different direction than they expected.  The ride just makes me laugh.....hard, I think it's so much fun!  We ended up riding it 3 more times that day!  Another favorite was Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster, it's always fun going on a ride that you've never been on before because you just don't know what to expect. 
     The biggest problem today was the weather, it was raining.  We had our ponchos and wore them for most of the day.  After riding on Toy Story's Midway Mania a couple of times (this is also one of our favorites) and a few other rides, we were pretty wet and Abby got cold, really cold and couldn't warm up.  She looked awful, her face was pale, she was shivering, she looked miserable and said she felt exhausted.  I remember just thinking, "Oh no, she's sick."  I was just holding my breath every day hoping that she would stay healthy, there were so many germs around.  Even though Britt was on Avagard duty-frequent squirts of Avagard throughout the day, I was still worried.  We decided we had to get back to our hotel room and warm her up.  We hopped back on the shuttle, got Abby into a hot bath, let her take a nap, and just prayed that she'd wake up feeling better.   And she did!  She woke up completely rejuvinated.
     The kids didn't feel like going back to Hollywood Studios, so we went to Magic Kingdom again, it never gets old.  We spent the majority of the night in Tomorrowland, the kids got way into the dance party out on the plaza, they were funny to watch!  We rode a bunch of rides then decided we wanted to go on Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain one more time before went home......big mistake!    We got caught in the parade and firework crowd!!  Here we are trying to push Abby in a wheelchair and there were people everywhere, blocking the sidewalks, standing in the middle of road, trying to buy popcorn, etc.   It was horrible; In fact, Britt believes that this was the worst moment of the entire trip!!!    We rode the rides, then decided we wanted to beat the crowd out of there, so we were racing the firework show, we had to get out of the park before the fireworks ended.  We had already seen the fireworks, and Abby was still so tired, so we were on a quest to get out of there before everyone else.  It was close, but we made it!  Fun day, but I wish we could've spent more time at Hollywood Studios, we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do.....and I would've loved to ride Tower of Terror a few more times.

Our hotel....we loved it!

Waiting for the shuttle, I'm still not sure why think they always have to pull funny faces!

Hollywood Studios

Waiting for Tower of Terror

This ride is so sweet, listening to Aerosmith makes it even better!

Toy Story-Midway Mania!  I rocked this ride, the first time anyway, then Brock decided to get serious!

It was a poncho day

Back at the hotel

Riding the monorail to Magic Kingdom

Funny faces, again!


Frozen bananas.....yummy

Dance Party!

You can't go to Disny World and not ride Small World

My hair and humidity do not mix!!!


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