Friday, July 15, 2011

Just another day in the cicu!

Here's an update on Abby today, she has now had her new heart for 2 1/2 days.  She still feels good.....way better than expected, and she looks so good too.  When some of the other doctors and nurses come by to see her, they are amazed at how well she is doing.  She is way ahead of the average for her recovery in many ways.  She's very strong, and when it's time to sit up or change positions, she wants to do it by herself.  She wants to get up and move around, but it's just not time yet.  She still has too many things connected to her.  It seems like they are continually taking things out of her though, they even removed the picc line from her neck already this morning, yahoo!!!  In a couple of hours they are going to take out a couple of her chest tubes, she'll only have 2 more left to go.  She still has multiple IV's in her and she still needs her cannula giving her oxygen too, but she doesn't have the mega one anymore.  She's still on milrinone for her new heart, it hasn't relaxed enough yet, they said it's still a little tense and the milrinone will  help.  Abby's electrolytes are a little off so we need to try to get her to eat today, she hasn't really eaten anything yet.  She's also retaining a lot of fluid-almost 10 pounds worth, so they increasing her Lasiks dose today and we need to get her to drink more.  Her lungs are still the same as yesterday, so that's a slight concern, we've got to get them cleared out!!  Hopefully today when she gets up moving around it will help with all of these things.  She probably won't be able to move upstairs until Monday, just too many little things still going on.  You'd think with all of these little problems she'd be emotionally drained, but she's not, she's still just being this brave, happy kid with an amazing attitude.  I'm pretty sure she's won over the entire staff at PCMC, they're fighting over who gets to be the nurse to this cute kid that never complains......never!  She did say a small, "ouch" this morning when they removed they line from her neck, but that 's it!  What an inspiration to everyone.  I've learned so much from watching Abby the past 7 weeks.  We all know she has a purpose here, and it's already been evident to me what that purpose is.  If you could just see how she's handling all of this, you would know exactly what I mean.  I just love this little girl.

One thing I just can't stop thinking about today is when I was told by Paul Cardall and Shauntelle, Kaidence's mom, that they were so grateful that they went through their transplants and they wouldn't trade the experience for anything, I thought they were crazy.....until now.  Right now, I can honestly say that I am grateful for this experience.  We have already received so many blessings from all of this.  I can't believe all of the people we have met and become friends with, my family has gotten so much closer, our testimony's have been strengthened, we've been able to see how good people really are, we've renewed friendships and ties with family, we've learned how to put life in perspective, we've discovered what really matters, and we've been able to make a difference to many people.  We are blessed.  That doesn't mean that this is easy, it's not, but we have learned so much from it. 

Now for some thank you's:  Thank you Patti for the cookie bouquet you sent to pcmc....Abby loved it and the cookies are delicious.  Thank you to Ann and the neigborhood for the banner and cards-we can't wait to move up to the 3rd floor so we can hang the banner in Abby's room-I want to make the room look cute so it's comfortable for Abby.  Thanks to everyone that has sent cards, balloons, gift cards, etc.-It really is fun to get things in the hospital-the people at the front desk definitely know Abby's room number!  Thanks to Jeff Fargo for all of his support for us-he's selling Team Doman t-shirts at his store now, he's given my kids lots of fargo bucks, and he's promised Abby a party when we get back.  Thanks to all of the people that visited us the past 2 weeks-I didn't want to admit it, but I was having a hard then, I think I was close to the end of my rope, and your visits truly helped me.  Thanks to all of my new heart friends and their mom's-being able to talk to you and have you relate to me has been awesome.  Thank you to everyone that has shared their stories with us-it helps to know we aren't alone.  Thanks for everyone's prayers, I hope through all of this it's obvious to you that prayers are answered.  Thanks to the nurses and doctors here-they are the best, I feel complete confidence in them, they always take good care of us, and some of them have become like sounds weird but we will miss them.  And again, thanks to everyone that has sent me messages, called me, commented on the blog, emailed me, facebooked me, etc.  I know that I haven't been able to send things back sometimes.... but you made me feel human.  I feel a little crazy being in the hospital, especially the icu, but you've helped me feel connected.  Please keep them coming, we're going to be in here a long time, and it's hard not to get a little down.  Thanks everyone for being a part of our lives.

One special request.....I have a former student of mine here on the 3rd floor.  He's been going through chemo, not for the first time either.  He's having a really hard go of things this time around and could use your prayers, just ask for him to have a clear head through all of this.  He's seen the power of prayer with Abby, and knows how she's been so blessed.  His name is Christian.  Thank you!!!


  1. I am truly glad that I got to come see you guys and we said July is the month and it was! I hope once Abby is back on the 3rd floor I can get up there to see you guys again! I hope you fill peace as Abby is recovering!
    Courtney Payne

  2. Love he exciting updates!! Abby, Mason's sends you a high five!!! Praying for a continued great recovery. And will include Christian in our prayers too :)

    Summer, Miracle Mason's MOmmy