Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New eta for the heart???? 4:00 pm :(

Dr. Kaza, out transplant surgeon, just came in to give us some news.  The good news is.....the  heart is a definite YES!! The not so good news is....it's still going to be about 4 hours until she goes in for the surgery, so, like everything else the past 7 weeks, the waiting begins again.  Abby is asleep right now, so I will let you know how the morning went.

3:38 I got a phone call from Emily on the transplant team.  She said, "we have a heart for Abby!"  She told me that they were waiting for a room for Abby and that she would call me back in 10 minutes to let me know where to go.  I woke up the kids and started getting ready; But, then I thought it was just a dream.  I had had this dream a couple of times before.  I told the kids that I thought she called but maybe I was dreaming, I didn't know for sure.  So, they made me check my phone records and verify that I did receive a call at 3:38 a.m.  I did.  Then, I realized that the number the call was from wasn't from the transplant team like I was told it would be, it was from a number I didn't recognize.  So, being the crazy woman that I am, I started thinking that maybe it was just a prank call!!!!  I told Britt and Brock that maybe someone was just playing a sick trick on us.....and I truly believed that this was possible!!  They just laughed at me and told me to finish getting our stuff ready.  One thing that I've learned through all of this is that during high stress times, I think that everyone is lying to me and things aren't real.  That 20 minute wait, waiting for Emily to call back was so long, I really thought that it was for real.  I was extremely relieved when my phone rang again.  We made it to the hospital,  checked in, called my brother for a blessing and my dad to get up here, and we've just been waiting ever since. 

I just can't help but to think how blessed I am.  Through all of this, everything has happened perfectly.    I've been so impatient that past 2 weeks, but now I know that it wouldn't have happened without Brock and Britt being here, it just wouldn't have been right.  Everything, everything even from her collapsing that first day, has happened how it was supposed to happen.  That's how I know that this surgery will be perfect too.  I have complete faith and confidence that the surgery will go without any complications and that her recovery will be just how it should be.  I've had pretty good intuition so far, and I just feel like things will be okay.  Remember when I said this would happen in July and we'd be home for Christmas?? It might just happen!    Thank you everyone for your prayers, it's obious that they've been answered.  We love all of you!!  I will post again when we're heading down to surgery.


  1. I have heard about you Abby. But I dont know you I hope soon that I will be able to meet you! Stay positive! And so happy you will get a heart transplant!!! You have been in my prayers and you will still be in my prayers!!!

    Amanda White

  2. Michelle- This is Kristi Griffin from Alta. I just barely read this blog for the first time 2 days ago! I'm thrilled for you and your Abby that they've found a heart and I pray all will go well and you'll continue to feel the peace that you do now.

  3. Congrats, how exciting, you are in our prayers!!!

  4. Hi Abby and family!

    We learned this morning about Abby through the Intermountain Healing Hearts website and we just wanted to pop on over and let you know that we are praying for you! My son, Grant, was born with only half of his heart and we have only been home from PCMC for a few weeks following his most recent surgery. We were even in the CICU the same time you were...too bad I didn't know it at the time or we would have stopped by and introduced ourselves. My sweet little two year old has been looking at pictures of Abby and pointing to his heart while folding his arms, so I know that he is offering his own precious prayer for her too. I hope you don't mind if we look in for the next little while and cheer you on from a distance!

    Heart hugs from Idaho!


  5. We are all obsessed here with the updates - thanks for keeping us all in the loop! The boys wore their "Team Doman" shirts today and have been telling everyone about Abby. We love you guys and are praying for you.

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm now crying coming upon today's exciting news. It bring back such surreal and special memories and feelings of the day 15 months ago that Mason received his donor heart. Praying that all goes well today. I know that there are angels with your Abby in the OR comforting her through this. I also know that the hand of the lord will be guiding dr Kaza. And please feel His peace and comfort also as you wait!

    Lots of love,
    Miracle Mason and Mommy