Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wish Trip Day 6 - Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom (again)

     Our final day in DisneyWorld!  We still had so much to do, but to be honest with you, we were a little worn out.  We wanted to go to Animal Kingdom because we had heard that they had a few really good rides and we had never been there before.  It was totally funny, we started walking out to the shuttles, which leave about every 20 minutes.  We were about 500 yards away from the stop and Abby saw the shuttle we needed.  All of a sudden she took off, sprinting as fast as she could for the shuttle!  The rest of us just started laughing because it was like she was crazy, she did not want to miss that shuttle.  She got on and told them the rest of her family was coming.  It was awesome.
     When we got to the Animal Kingdom, we realized we hadn't eaten anything yet and it was lunch time and so we decided to splurge and eat at the Rain Forest Cafe, and it was worth it!! We've eaten in the one in Disneyland, and this one was about the same.  The only problem, I couldn't stop calling it the Rainbow Cafe, like in PCMC.  I called it that probably 10 times, my kids thought I was a freak, but I couldn't stop anyway.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the park.  There were a few fun rides there and we went on a jeep safari through an African jungle.  It didn't have fake animals in it either, like the Jungle Cruise ride in Disneyland, it was the real thing, and it was cool, it felt like we really were in Africa.  We liked it at the Animal Kingdom, but there wasn't as much for us to do.  But, it's never hard for us to have fun.
    After going back to the hotel for a quick break, we decided to head back to Magic Kingdom for our final night.  We even rode the train that goes around the outside of DisneyWorld, that's something that I had never done before.  Our final ride was Space Mountain, and it was just as much fun the last time we rode it as it was the first.  We decided to take a boat ride back to our hotel rather than the monorail again.  I liked that and was wishing we would have done it more often, it just took a little bit longer, but it was nice to be outside.  We got back to the hotel, packed up and thought we were going to have a good night sleep to get us ready for our big travel day, but we were wrong.
     At about 1:30 am, Abby sat up in bed and yelled, "Now what was the name of Britt's friend again, it starts with D R, dr....., dr........, dre........, oh, I can't remember, maybe Dress???"   By this time, Britt and I are just cracking up, Brock is still sleeping.  I told Abby just to go back to sleep, and her response, "Oh, hahaha, I was just trying to think of Draco!"   What the heck???  Britt's friend named Dress, no really Draco?  We couldn't stop laughing and we thought Abby was awake now too because she was laughing with us, but we knew she was still sleeping when she said, "Okay, so what are those people called that go alone to Disneyland and just ride all the rides by themselves, all day long?"  I didn't even know how to respond to this question, plus I was laughing so hard I was crying, so I just told her to go to sleep.  Britt and I stayed up laughing for another hour, Brock missed the whole thing because he was sound asleep, and Abby couldn't really remember any of it in the morning!  Pretty funny.

Okay, I didn't take this picture, the photographer in the park did, but wow, Tinkerbell, right there on Abby's hand!

Even Britt and Abby were surprised!

This is a fun ride, until a giant T-rex jumps out at you!  Britt was a little scared :)

We were a little wet from the Kali River Rapids ride!

I had to add a couple of pictures from our safari, there were many more, but I didn't want to bore everyone.

The tree in the background was really pretty cool, it had animals carved in it!

Riding the DisneyWorld train

Ha, Russel from the movie "Up!"  We took this picture for our dog Rebel, Up is his favorite movie, really, he sits and watches the whole movie when we turn it on. 

I really wanted to go to It's tough to be a bug, I loved the one in DisneyLand
Buy, my kids refused!  They said they were scarred for life when I forced them to see it in Disneyland, and it was only a few years ago!  What a bunch of babies!!! hahahaha

I'm not sure about this picture, I know I didn't take it.

Rainbow, I mean Rain Forest Cafe

This is outside of our hotel room, our part of the hotel was the Tuvalu building

I just wanted to get a good picture of the kids on our boat ride.......

But, sometimes that can be really hard.......

Really, really hard
Finally, they took me seriously

But, I like this one the best

The girls lovin' their Disney lollipops

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