Friday, July 15, 2011

More pics!

Here are some more pics! Abby walked today for the first time! I have another video.. i'll upload it later! -Britt
Cutest thing ever! This bear, Spok, has been here through this whole thing!
 Thanks Patty for these cookies! They are great!
 Abby thought this was a hamster.. we're thinkin fish.. haha
 She's really happy today! And her picc line is out of her neck :)
 Only 2 more chest tubes!!
 My mom. Some people were requesting to see her, so here she is!!
 Abby took this one.. she is only down to 2 IV bags now!
 Just all the cords we had to get ready so she could go on a walk
 Her foot IV
 So tired!
 Standing up for her walk! She gets less and less shakey every time she stands up!
In the hall on her walk :)

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  1. Unbelievable...I mean totally believable cause she is the younger DOMIN-A-TOR! She is crazy strong. I love the pics. Keep em'