Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heart biopsy and home(Sugarhouse house) by Friday???? No Way!!!

We had some more good news today.......news that made my jaw drop.  The docs told us we might be able to go home to our Sugarhouse home on Friday!!! That's like only a week and a half after the transplant.  They said that if things continue like that have been, without any major problems,  than that's the plan. Abby seems to amaze me every day!  We will have to get the results of the biopsy that was done today to make sure, but we should know more tomorrow.  Do you think it will ever get easier for me to send Abby for a surgery??  Today was just a hearth cath and biopsy, but it was still just as hard to send her off in her hospital bed!  It makes me feel like such a bum!  They said the cath looks good, but now we're just waiting for the results of the biopsy, this will let us know if she's rejecting the heart at all.  Still scary. 

Tomorrow I begin my learning about Abby's recovery.  I have to learn about all of her different meds and what they do.  I need to know exactly when she takes them, and we're supposed to stay as close to possible to the schedule to help avoid rejection.  I have to learn to take her blood pressure.  I have to know her pulse.  I have to know what she can and can't do and how to keep the germs away!  I'm pretty much going to have to be the nurse, but it has to been the milrinone IV, I hated that!!!  A lot of people are asking what happens next??? I think that we will be in Sugarhouse, being real careful for about 2 months.  If everything goes perfectly, I could then be back teaching on November 1st, which would is what needs to happen so my insurance doesn't lapse.  It's all just so surprising to me, I almost don't dare get my hopes up just in case; but it sure does feel good to know we're getting near the end of the hardest part of Abby's cardiomyopathy.  I know it is something we will be dealing with her whole life, I know it's not over,  I know the risk factors and how serious it still is, but we're through the transplant.  Things can settle down a little bit now. 

Thank you for the great packages we got today.  Thank you for everyone that is buying Team Doman shirts.  You can buy them at Fargos, in Santa Clara in St. George, or you can buy them from me.  Just contact me if you're interested and I will help you get one.  I love seeing people come to visit wearing their shirts.    Abby wears one every day, and all of the docs and people that come to see her, just love it!  A lot of you have asked if you can come visit.  You can, but not if you're sick.  Please keep the germs far away from here!!!  But we would love to see you, Abby misses her friends.....and so do the rest of us!  Tomorrow should just be a mellow day, hopefully she'll get the last chest tube out and I think she's doing her interview with channel 2, we will let you know. 

To clear things up a little for some of you....I, Michelle, am Abby's mom.  I'm the one doing the posts.  Britt, Abby's sis, is doing the pics.  This whole blog started on Britt's blog account because she did the posts the first day, when I was too busy.  We'd switch it, but it's too hard now, we have way too many readers....thank you!

Just know that all of the prayers for Abby Doman have been answered.  Abby feels good!  She wants to thank everyone for all that you are doing for us and for praying for her recovery.  We hope to see you soon!



  1. I've been reading about Abby since I saw on Twitter that she was in surgery for her new heart.

    Its amazing to think that she'll be able to go home so soon if all goes well. You're family has been in my thoughts and prayers, and will continue to be.

    My husband is waiting for a heart transplant and I've been worrying about everything I have to learn to help his recovery along.

  2. Wow! Such great news!!!! Praying for geat news on the biopsy!!! And sending Mason off to the cath lab or OR has still never gotten easier for me.....I guess that's just part of out jouney as Hear Mommies!

    Mason and Mommy

  3. your story changed my life.........forever