Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wish Trip Day 3 - Universal Studios

     Today we were planning on spending the whole day at Universal Studios.  Since we had/got to drive there, we decided to eat breakfast at GKTW village first.  But, we kind of had a rough start to the day.  The instructions they gave us to get back to the Village from Disney World were wrong and we got a little lost!  We spent about 15 extra minutes trying to figure out how to get off the Interstate, it was a little stressful but we did it.  When we finally got there we had a little confusion, so it took us a while to get through the gate to go in.  We finally got to the breakfast castle, and it was 10:10-Breakfast was closed!  Oh well, you can always get free ice cream at the village!  We hopped back in the car and drove to Universal.
    We thought we were treated like superstars at Disney World, but they were even nicer at Universal.  They made sure we had a close parking place, then on every ride they took us directly to the front of the line.  They would send a ride attendant to us and have them walk us through the back secret ways, to the front of every line, every time.  We felt pretty honored.  We love Universal Studios right from the start.  There were some bigger rides for the kids, and everything there was new to us!  We were so excited to get on a ride, so we chose the first one we saw Despicable Me.  The ride started and about 3 mintues into stopped.  For some reason it wasn't working!!  They made us get off.  But, not a big deal for us, we just went to a different ride, then went back and they took us right back to the front of the line again, they ride was hilarious! 
    There was one thing that shocked me while we were there.  The last time we went to a theme park, Abby was a chicken.  She didn't want to ride on any of the big rides, she would just refuse.  This time, she was completely different.  She must've gotten a daredevil heart!  When I saw the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster (pictures down below)  I thought for sure Abby would say no thank you.  But no, she wanted to go!  I have to tell you that it was by far the scariest ride I've ever been on.  I rode next to Britt and had my eyes closed for the majority of the ride.  In the beginning of the ride I thought it was cool because they let you choose the song you wanted to listen to while you were riding.  But when the ride was over, I realized I hadn't heard one word of the song, I was too freaked out!  Even Britt was a little nervous and she loves big rides.  I walked off the ride saying that once on the one was enough for me.  Abby and Brock loved every second of it and couldn't believe we were scared!
     We eventually made our way to Harry Potter Land, Abby had been looking forward to this since she made her wish, she's always been a Harry Potter fan.  It was pretty fascinating, but I expected a little more.  I think we got there at a bad time, because it had started raining a little and everyone was trying to fit inside the buildings, it was impossible to even move!  Britt hated it there because there were so many people.  There were only 3 rides and one of them was closed for technical difficulties, so we rode the other 2, they were really fun.  I especially liked the one that took us on a fast ride through Hogwarts!  Abby was able to buy her wand, a chocolate frog, and some every flavor jelly beans and Britt bought and sent some postcards from Hogwarts.  We spent lots of time there, but it was just too packed to truly enjoy it.
     We went back out to the park and decided to do the Jurassic Park ride.  We didn't really know anything about this ride, but we had heard it was fun.  It turned out to be a little like Splash Mountain, but we got completely soaked at the end.  It was so funny, I was screaming on the big downhill and we got sprayed so hard that my whole mouth was full of water at the bottom of the hill! We loved it and had to do it again! 
     This is when I decided that I was getting old.  I had never, ever gotten sick on rides before (not counting Mission:Space) and I was feeling a little queasy!  It was time for me to be done for the day, but not the kids, they just kept on going!!  We stayed until the park was almost closed then headed for home.  I was tired, the kids were tired, Abby was exhausted!  We got to the hotel, did not set an alarm for the next day, and went straight to sleep!
The kids are somewhere in the middle of that splash!

The Hulk!  They loved it, I chose to sit that one out.

Popeye was there too! JK, just same man on steroids that looked a lot like Popeye!

That's the end of Jurassic, notice how wet we were!

Abby, attempting to make a heart!

Brock feeding Abby her chocolate frog

Harry Potter Land

Not quite the dessert we excpected!

She really like that chocolate frog!

Dr. Seuss land-we didn't spend much time in there, there were too many other things to do!

Poor minnion :(

That's the red roller coaster in the background-corkscrew on the loop was awesome!

Yep, I closed my eyes going up that hill!

Abby is pretty pleased with herself, Brock too, Britt not too sure!

There's a minnion in there!

Maybe I shouldn't have let her get that wand!

Funniest picture ever!  First time on Jurassic park, I think our faces tell it all!

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