Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Pictures!!

Hey everyone it's britt again! Here are some more pics!

 Finally drinking milk!! yay :)
 Eating her first meal in 3 days! Cheerios
 One of 5 IV's
 Standing up!

 Sitting in the chair :) Huge accomplishment!
 All smiles in this room :)
 Does she have enough cords??


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics, they are great. You are very good at sharing her story. I've been thinking about Abby a lot these past few days. I'll keep the prayers coming, Take Care and God Bless. Heart Hugs, Djinni
    (Mom to Isaac "")

  2. Abby! You look fabulous!! I am so happy to see that you got your milk :)
    I'm so glad to know you and have your sweet example in my life. You are a beautiful young woman. Love ya!