Saturday, July 2, 2011

Still hanging out in the "hotel" on the hill, but we're ready!!!

Still here, at least 24 more hours, maybe longer.  Abby is feeling better today, she has some energy back, but her INR was only 1.4 still, and it has to be close to between 2 and 3.  They've raised her Coumadin level, but they don't want to overshoot it and go too high, so they're trying to raise it a little at a time, but it's just not budging.   Ab was a little ticked off yesterday when they came to draw blood for her INR and tried to use the picc line so she wouldn't have to get poked, but it didn't work.  They kept trying, but no blood came out.  So they had to poke her, and they did it in her hand which she really hates.  Then later in the day, they had to draw blood again, so they were going to give it another try; but it still didn't work, so they decided to flush it with some medicine.  The problem was that they needed the blood immediately and the medicine takes an hour to work, so that meant......another poke, and in the hand again too!!  Thank goodness that when they came back later in the day to test the line it was a success and they drew her blood from it this morning, no problem!!  Abby was mad because she was told the picc line would help to reduce so many pokes, and she stil had 2 in one day!  Once her INR is where it should be and Abby is feeling better, she gets to make the decision whether to stay here or go to our Sugarhouse home.  It seems like an easy decision, but I think she feels secure here and she gets to have whatever food she wants- whenever she wants, and she's made friends with so many people here, all of those things make it a hard decision.  But, if she goes home, we've got lots of plans for a fun week.  Maybe her heart will come before she has to make the decision. I know what choice I would make, no questions there, a bed would be really nice!!! But, it has to be Abby's decision and I will go with whatever she wants to do.

Just so all of you Salt Lake people know, my amazing friend Lesley, brougt up a bag of "Team Doman" shirts with her when she came to visit.  I know a lot of you have been asking me about getting one.  My instructions were that I can't let anyone have one for less than $10.  I have all different sizes, so if you're interested, you can text me or call me or better yet....just come by and see us and bring your money.  They are the "cool" thing to be wearing in St. George right now!!!  Anyone in St. George that still wants one, just let me know and I'll tell you who to contact to get one.  All of the money will go toward our medical bills.

Thank you everyone for praying that I would beat Abby in Monopoly yesterday......your prayers were answered and I won all 3 games we played!!!  Rude, I know but Abby was on a 4-game winning streak, and she was starting to get a little attitude.  We've had fun visiting with our two new heart friends that are here, Kaidence and Mason, it's so good for me to be able to talk to someone that can relate what I'm dealing with right now, and I can hear their success stories too.  We are doing okay, it's been a long week, and I think I get more tired every day, but at least Abby is feeling a little better, and that's what matters.  This time being here is much easier than the last time....I don't think anything will ever compare to that!!  Just the anticipation I'm feeling right now is hard to deal with, it almost makes me a little jittery.  One of the main doctors came in yesterday and was talking to Abby and said, "I know your mom has always thought that your heart was going to get here in July......"  and I thought she would then say, "But it might not, you just need to be patient!"  But, instead she said, "....and it's very likely that it will happen this month, so I need you to ask any questions you have about the transplant!"  I couldn't believe she said that, I actually got a sick feeling in my stomach.  It's one thing to have a gut feeling about something, but then to have it confirmed made it so much more real.  Another doctor today was saying things like, "It might be nice for you to go home tomorrow for a couple of days before you have your transplant, because then you'll be for a couple of weeks!"  It just seems like things are going to happen really fast.  all of the stories I've heard is that when people are listed 1A, their hearts get here quick.  I hate to get too ready, because you never know, we could still be here for a long time, so mentally it could be hard, but I want to be optimistic.  I  know when we hear the word that it's time, I'm going to feel about a million different emotions all at once, I hope I can cope okay.  Right now, when I think about it, I just get anxious....and scared, really scared.  I promise that as soon as I hear, I will start blogging about the progress....just be ready!!!

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  1. I am totally ready to read about the progress, bring it on! (: