Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 4 on the PCMC floor!!!

This is now our fourth day here, and the 2 questions that I keep getting are:  "How is Abby???" and "How long will you have to stay there?"

I will answer these questions together.  Abby is just okay.  Yesterday was a good day, she felt pretty good all day.  Her stomach felt better, and even though she didn't have much of an appetite, she was able to eat a little bit and most of it stayed in her.  When the docs made their rounds, it sounded to me like we would only be here for 1 week, and then I felt like we would be going home.  Today is a little different.  She woke up with an upset stomach and feeling really tired and has been sleeping pretty much all morning.  She's also doesn't want to eat and when she was awake, she spent lots of time in the bathroom.   Today, when the docs came by, they said it's normal to have good and bad days with this virus, but to hope that she has more and more good days, and less bad days in between.  After talking to them today, I felt like we will probably be here 2 weeks.  Hopefully, when she wakes up, she'll feel better and have some more energy.

So, what have we been doing around here to stay busy?  She's been getting caught up on homework which is good because she's missed about 3 weeks of school now, and I know Britt's bringing another packet of work for her to do.  We've been playing lots and lots of games-monopoly (of course), Ticket to Ride, Battleship, and a couple of new dice games I bought.   We've been visiting and catching up with all of our nurse friends that we haven't seen for about 7 months, this has actually been fun.  They all say, "It's so good to see you guys!!!"  Then after a pause they say, "well, not really.  We don't want to see you HERE, but it is good to see you!!"  She's been playing games on her ipad and facetiming with her friends and Britt and Brock.  We got to see our dogs last night through facetime too!  It was funny because I think they were really confused, they could hear us and see us on the screen, but they were looking everywhere and couldn't find us!  It was fun to be able to see them and Britt and Brock while we were talking to them.  We painted wooden eggs and bunnies too, we are definitely lacking artistic ability in our family!  Yesterday, when Abby was feeling good, we went on lots of walks.  They let us walk all the way over, across the walkway, to the University Hospital.  We also walked the stairs a few times, and spent some time outside on the patio and in the angel garden.   We've also spent time with visitors.  Thanks to those of you that have stopped by, it's fun to see people we haven't seen for a while and to meet new people too!  Just as a warning, if you're pregnant, or you're one of our heart transplant friends, you shouldn't come see us.  you are too susceptible to catching this virus.  The rest of you are more than welcome, you won't even know if you catch this from Abby, so stop by, we would love to see you and we are already getting bored.  Today, when Abby decides to wake up, we will probably be doing much of the same, plus child life brought some other craft things to do as well. 

So, How am I? I am actually doing pretty good, much better than last week when we didn't know what was going on.  I'm glad we now know what's been making Abby feel crappy and that we are trying to treat it so that Abby will start feeling better.  I've been feeling a bit beat up lately, so I'm trying to take this as a little vacation, a little break before we get back to the real world and trying to do everything that needs to be done. I miss Britt and Brock tremendously and I hate to leave them home.  I'm just glad that I can trust them and that there are so many people there watching out for them while we are here.  It also helps that they will be coming up on Sunday to see us!  I still haven't decided if I'm driving down to be there for prom, or if I need to stay with Abby.  Seeing that Abby is sicker today makes me feel like I might need to stay here.  So, if you live by us, stop by Saturday night and make sure there aren't any raging post-prom parties going on at the Doman house :) 

Thank you to those of you that have been thinking about us and praying for Abby to get over this bug quickly.  Also thank you to those of you that have provided dinner for my kids, and brought Abby and I things in the hospital, or have stopped by for a quick visit.   Hopefully we will be back home soon.

The scar from the double-failed picc line attempt

Here are some pictures of the last few days:

The real picc line!

Homemade cookies and a nice note from a friend-DELICIOUS

We love games!!!  Even if Abby ususally wins :)

This one is for Brock-Spidey says Hola!!

Cute Abby playing Ipad!

Ahhhh, Rainbow Cafe Oatmeal, my favorite.  It almost, almost makes our stay worth it!!!  Okay, maybe not!

Love, love, love it!  This is from a fellow heart mom that is just amazing, some day we have to meet face-to-face!!

Abby all bundled up in her heart blankets!!  I wish she was feeling better today :(

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I hate to admit it, but it kind of feels like home.......

Here we are, back at PCMC, right next door to "our" room, neither Abby or I can believe that they didn't save it for us!  Here's a little recap of what's been going on the past week or so........

-Last Tuesday, we got word that Abby's white blood count had dropped even more.  We decided to get started on Neupogen injections.
-Thursday, we finally got the injections and she had her first dose.
-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Abby hurt like crazy, she said it her way down in her bones, especially her back :(
-Satuday-We went to the lab in St. George to have another blood draw to check her counts and to see if we could figure out what's causing it.
-Saturday and Sunday-Abby starts running a temperature.  Not too high, but higher than it should be, right around 100 degrees.
-Monday morning I called and let the transplant team know about her temperature.  They still didn't have results back from her tests.
-Monday, as I was leaving school, the transplant team called and told us to head to the pediatricians office for a blood culture, some more labs, and a dose of rocephin (it's used to treat bacterial infections.)  Abby was already feeling like she'd had way too many pokes up to this point, then she found out the rocephin came as injections too!  and they hurt......a lot.  She said it was one of the worst things that she'd had so far, through her entire transplant!
-Monday night-this was the fun part!  Even though Abby didn't feel that great, we went to Red Robin because that was the night the proceeds were going towards Abby's wish.  Thank you Desert Hills Middle School National Junior Honor Society!  There was a huge turnout and we loved seeing so many friends there.  We heard the walk-a-thon was alos a huge success!
- Tuesday morning-Abby woke up feeling better than she had in a long time, her fever was gone!  I thought she was better, and I was trying to talk her into going to school.
-Tuesday morning-Right after I finished teaching 1st period, and was on my prep period, I got a call from the tranplant team telling us that they had received Abby's labs and that she had a viral infection called CMV.  When healthy people get this virus, they usually show very few symptoms, but it's a much bigger deal for someone that is immunosuppressed.  I think that Abby has had this for over month, but the symptoms got worse when she went off one of her meds called Valcyte, that prevents this virus.  Abby has never done very well with going off meds, she always has problems when we try to take her off of them.  They said they wanted to admit Abby to PCMC to give her IV meds that should help her.  They wanted us to be here by 3:00, so I rushed out of school, called Britt and Brock and told them to meet us at home (they were right in between classes, so that worked out well!) and I headed home.  I called Abby and told her to pack up for a week or two.  I got home and packed, I had about 15 minutes, which is 15 minutes more than last time we were going to be admitted to PCMC on May 18th, explained to Britt and Brock what was going on, said our goodbyes (which I always hate to do!!) and we jumped in the car and started driving.    We made it, we pulled in the parking lot, right at 3:00!
Tuesday afternoon and night-When we got settled in our room, they came to start an IV-2 more pokes for Abby, the poor thing!  Then Dr. E. came up and checked out Abby and told us a little bit about what was going on and that they were going to put a pic line in later because the IV med is pretty intense, it would ruin a regular IV.  Abby ordered from room service and we actually got to hang out and breathe for a few minutes, then the crappy part started-they came in to put in her picc line.  We decided to go in her arm that they had used before so she didn't have to have another scar, we also decided not to sedate her because she had just eaten dinner, they were just going to use a local anesthetic instead.  They started the procedure, which is very painful, got about 3/4 of the way in, and her vein started spasming and it became blocked, so they had to pull it out and start over again.  The second time, the same thing happened!  By now, Abby was a mess and really didn't even want them to try anymore, she wanted to wait until the next morning.  But, being the mean mom that I am, I told them just to do it so she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.  Thank goodness they got it placed in her other arm and we started administering the antiviral medication.   The rest of the night was pretty peaceful, although we were both so wound up we didn't sleep much! 
Wednesday-Right now, everything is going okay.  The day has been filled with ups and downs.  Abby's white blood count is dropping again, so they're thinking we might have to go back to doing some neupogen injections again later this week.  Her antibodies are also down, so they started an IVIG infusion to help boost those.  She feels okay, until she tries to eat, then she feels sick.  She really isn't keeping anything in her, it just comes right back out.  We will definitely be here for one week, but it will probably be more depending on how she reacts to these medications. 

We've spent time talking to all of our favorite nurse friends (We love them all!), having a visit with Dr. Kaza (Abby's transplant surgeon), having visits from friends, meeting with doctors (she even went to an opthamologist because this virus can efffect her eyes too), and playing games.  It's been quite relaxing really, I don't think Abby minds being here at all.  I'm good here for about 5 days, then I start going a little crazy!!!!  We have so many memories here, both good and bad, that it makes it kind of hard to be here sometimes, but I will admit that it actually feels very comfortable here now.that just shows how much time we've spent here the this past year. 

Brittany and Brock had to stay home because they have school they need to go to, they also both have dates to prom on Saturday night.  It makes me sad that I'll be missing it, it's Britt's last formal high school dance, and Brocks first one, even his first time wearing a tux.  I won't be able to get pictures, and they better not plan a big party at the Doman house after the dance!!   I'm trying to find them a ride up here on Sunday morning so that they can spend a few days with us.  Brock also has an appointment with a sports medicine doctor here in Salt Lake on Monday to check out his messed up ankle.  I scheduled it Monday because we were supposed to be coming here for clinic Monday too.  If he ends up needing surgery on it, it might just be my final straw, I might lose it completely!!  We're hoping it will be something easy, maybe a little physical therapy or something.

Thanks everyone for calling, texting, and checking in with us, we can feel your love and support.  Also, thanks for taking care of Britt and Brock, they let me know they already have had offers for rides and dinners and whatever else we might need.  I know we have a lot of places we can turn if we need help, and that's very reassuring.  I'm hoping Abby is feeling good and is ready to go home next Tuesday.  I take complete blame for us being here this time.  Last week, I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything-working, taking care of Abby's needs,worrying all the time, making sure Britt and Brock were also getting what they needed, etc.etc, that I was just wishing for some kind of a break, and look what happened..... I guess in a way, I get my break.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things that make us laugh.......and still do:part 2!!!

First, for those of you that don't have facebook, an update on Abby.  Her white blood count went down instead of up last week, so on Thursday we started a round of neupogen injections, one each day for 3 days.  It's supposed to increase her white blood count and work extremely fast, so we went this morning to get labs done and to see if it's doing it's job.  We should get the results later today.  The downside to the med is that it makes Abby ache down in her bones.  She's pretty sore in her back and her legs, and her head isn't feeling the greatest either.  She has one more injection today, then if it's working, her blood count will be up and she'll be off house arrest.  So we are back to "trying" to put off the worry again.  I've been trying, without having much success, not to worry for about 2 weeks now.  I can't help it, I worry.  It just seems like things were going so well, then BAM, things aren't so great again.  Hopefully we'll have some answers today and Abby can start feeling good again and go back to school and soccer and cardiac rehab and everything that a 12-year-old girl needs to be doing!!

Some good news we got this week is that Desert Hills Middle School, has decided to sponsors Abby's wish for Make-a-Wish.  Today they are doing a walk-a-thon to raise funds and Monday night is Red Robin night!!!  Everyone go to Red Robin on Monday, and 10% of the price of your meal will go to Make-a-Wish for Abby!  Hopefully we will be able to be there, depending on Abby's labs today, and we would love to see you!!!  Thank you Desert Hills and thank you everyone in St. George for supporting us in this!!  I think Abby is pretty deserving of this wish, she's been through a lot this past 8 months.

We had so much fun with the last blog post, that we deciced to do more!!!  Any of you that really know us, probably know that it's not hard to come up with funny things that happen when we're around, we just like to have fun.  Hopefully, you'll think these things are as funny as we do!

-The day Nick Rimando, the Real goalie, walked into Abby's room.  Abby thought it was awesome he was there, but Britt was just in awe.  Britt's jaw dropped to the floor and she just sat there staring.....and staring.  The whole time he was talking to us, Britt just stood there unable to speak.  Finally, she barely whispered, "Ummm, do you think I could get my picture taken with you?"  It was great!

-One morning, really early like 6:00 am, a few days after Abby's transplant when she was still in the cardiac intensive care, I was trying to organize her room.  We had cards and games and treats and clothes and it was all just a big mess, so I would always organize (it was a stress reliever!)  I was putting the games back in the cupboard and I dropped the Farkle party game.  No big deal right??  Well, Farkle Party has 40 dice in it, and they dropped and scattered across the floor of the ICU.....everywhere!!  And it was completely silent in the entire CICU.  I burst out laughing while I was crawling around on my hands and knees trying to find all of the dice.  I thought I was getting dirty looks from all of the nurses,   but they were probably trying not to laugh.  Abby opened one eye, rolled it, and said, "Good one mom!" then she went back to sleep.  Embarrassing!!

-Britt wants to become a nurse some day, and she was always working hard to be Abby's nurse.  When we first got to PCMC, and Abby had no shortterm memory, for some reason she liked to take her slippers off and then ask Britt to put them back on.  Then she'd forget and ask all over again.  After Britt would put them back on, Abby would always say, "Britt, you're a bad nurse!!!"  Then she'd do it all over again.  We couldn't help but to laugh.

-The day Brock and Britt came running into Abby's hospital room yelling, "We just saw Criss Angel, just saw Criss Angel!"  I asked them if they got his autograph and a picture.... that's when they said that they "thought" it was him anyway.  They still believe it was him, I still believe that they're full of it!

-The day I went to go to the bathroom in Abby's room, and it didn't sound like it usually does.  It took me a minute to realize that I had peed in the hat! (the thing they put in the toilet to collect Abby's urine to keep track of how much she was going!)  The worst part about it was that then I had to dump it out, and anyone that knows me knows that things like that make me gag!!!

-When Abby had restless legs in our Sugarhouse house, and she would get up and wander around in the night.  Some mornings I wouldn't be able to find her.  Luckily, I had her oxygen tubing to help me!  One time I even found her wrapped in a blanket under the hide-a-bed!!  It would always scare the crap out of me when she wasn't where she was supposed to be.

-The things we became obsessed with in order to take our minds off of everything that was happening with Abby.  Brock started coloring!!  Wow, to see my 15-year-old son, laying on the floor with markers, coloring pictures of animals from a coloring book and then hanging them on the wall, it's hard to describe.  Britt took up making latch-hook rugs.  She would do it for hours and hours.  You probably didn't even know they still make those, I remember making one when I was in 7th grade!!  I'm glad she got over that obsession, we didn't know what to do with her "creations!"  I just wanted to watch the show Hoarders.  It was on Netflix, and I think while we were in Salt Lake I watched about 40 episodes.  Maybe because it let me know that at least I had control over some things, like keeping my house clean and organized.  Abby hated watching it, but I did it anyway.

-The time Britt came to clinic with us and while we were waiting, she ripped out all of the pictures in the magazines of the hot guys and used hospital tape to tape them to the walls.  You should have seen the transplant team when they walked into our room!  I will never forget it.  When they were done, they told Britt she could even take all of the pictures home with her, I can't believe they didn't want to keep them hanging in there.  They've gotta love when we come to clinic!

-My hot doctor "boyfriend".  No, all of you PCMC peeps, I'm not naming any names, but I would always tell the kids that this one certain doc was my boyfriend.  He would always make it a point to come by our room and see me/Abby, and even on clinic days he still always mananges to see us at least twice.  Is he married?  Ya, probably.  Is he really my boyfriend?  No, probably not.  Can I just pretend? Most definitely!!!   I must admit that he did come looking for me the day after Abby's transplant, and I'm not going to say what he did when he found me :)  ( I am single for those of that didn't know!)

-The day Abby lost it and freaked out on all of us, because the Sugarhouse "blue" house wasn't pefectly clean and organized enough for her.  Wow, she was on a rampage.  Brock's coloring was on the floor, Britt had yard strewn all over the house, their were games everywhere, and it was just not clean and Abby wanted it to be!!!  I'll admit it, we did step it up and cleaned everything just so Abby would be happy.  She's a little spoiled now, it's hard to say no to her and we all like to make her happy as much as possible.

There are so many more, but this post is already too long, so someday I'll have to write a part 3.  Right now I am just trying to stay busy, so I don't worry too much about the phone call that should be coming soon from the transplant team.  It's was good to write this today because it made me laugh, and if I wasn't laughing, I'd probably be crying.  This week has been hard and when I asked the transplant coordinator yesterday if I should be worrying right now about what's going on, she didn't give me the definite "NO!" I was hoping for.  She sounded a little worried, and told me to try not to worry too much yet.  Good advice, but impossible to do.  I'm just praying for the results we're looking for!!!  We are hanging there, and no matter what we hear, we will be okay and I have confidence that we are always ready to deal with whatever is coming next.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things that made us laugh........and still do!!!

Clinic last Monday went well, we were lucky enough to have Brock with us because we have spring break all week.  Everything looked good at clinic except for her white blood count, it was only 1.9 and they like it to be above 4.5.  She was just borderline where they would start her on some meds to help bring it up again, but we just decided to test again on Thursday and see what it looks like then.  Abby has been real tired and mellow all week, sleeping a ton, and not really wanting to do anything.  I'm just hoping that everything is okay.  The rest of this week has been awesome, no school, lots of sun, and time to clean some closets out and relax a little too!  It's been nice, it's just giving us a glimpse of how this summer is going to be, and I can't wait!  Britt is on a school trip to Europe!  She got to go to England, France, and Italy.  So far, she's having a blast, but says she hasn't really slept yet and it's been about 5 days.  They go on daily tours and get to see everything.  I'm a little jealous, the last time I was in Europe was when I was 2 years old and I don't remember anything.  But, I'm glad for Britt, it's just what she needed after this whirlwind of a year/2 years she's had!

My last post was about some rough memories that I had been remembering, this post is going to be about some funny things that happened while we were in Salt wasn't always hard, we had tons of good times too!  I hope these memories are as funny for you as they were for us as we were remembering them.

-Brock losing a game of Uno and for his consequence having to have a conversation in Spanish with Spiderman in PCMC.  He looked hilarious!  "Como es stas, Spidey!"

-The first time I was given a pager, after Abby's 1st cath.  Brittany and I were both there and heard instructions, but when the pager went off we both freaked out and couldn't remember where to go or what to do!  We lost Abby for a few minutes!  What a couple of spazzes!  

-My friend Jacquie Tui making Abby's whale pillow pet and putting a horn on it to make it into a narwahl!  Abby was still a little confused at this time and had this funny obsession with narwahls!  Then she kept saying, "that's a really stupid narwahl!"

-Brock and Britt making their hospital dolls.  Britt immediately grabbed hers and put a ACL repair scar on the knee.  I think Brock made the first hospital doll with chest and leg hair.  They thought they were so funny and could not be serious.  I think the child life specialist was ready to quit after that day!

-Britt and Abby saying that they were going to watch the Justin Beiber movie every day until Abby got her new heart......and they did, I think they were just trying to make me crazy!

-Abby's general response to every question the doctors and nurses asked her, "I don't know.....I don't care!!!  we would all mouth it every time because we knew that was what she was going to say.

-Brock's obsession with the Old Maid card game while we were there.  Even the old lady in the gift shop started laughing when I went to buy the cards.  I especially loved the "doctor" card that looked just like Dr. Kaza, so Britt pulled it out of the deck and hung it on the wall with Dr. Kaza's name on it.  I'm not sure if he ever saw it!

Brock and Britt always hitting on the nurses.  They both had their faves and were psyched when they were working when they were spending the day at PCMC.  The best was when Brock really had the hots for this one nurse, I won't say her name, and so we set them up to go on a date to the slushy room together!!  He thought it was awesome, but then we found out she was like 26 years old, ooops!  The one night Britt stayed over with Abby, they told me her fave male nurse and tech spent most of the night chilling with them and sneaking them cheetos!  I'm glad we still keep in touch and visit some of these awesome nurses!

-Abby kicking me out of her room and freaking out at me because the psychiatric team wanted to talk to her, it wasnt' he even my fault!  She was so mad, but the transplant team insisted on it.  She was so mad, but right when they walked into her room, she acted like a little angel and answered every question with the exact answers they wanted to hear. I'm pretty sure she played them just perfectly.  

-The sign Britt put on Abby's door telling the doctors that if they wanted to listen to Abby's heart, they had to pay a dollar.  This was when it seemed like everyone in the hospital wanted to listen to Abby heartbeat because it was so messed up.  They all laughed at the sign, but nobody ever paid!!

-The day I accidentally turned Abby's oxygen all the way to up instead of off, I think it blew the cannula right off of her face!

-All of the games of Monopoly!  we probably played over 100 games and Abby won about 95% of them.  She actually started posting her wins on the white board along with how much money she ended up with.  It was annoying because I was always the loser.

-How the transplant team always loved coming in our room, because they said they always left with a smile on their face.  We made them laugh, and they loved watching my kids together.

-On the 4th of July when Abby and I went out to watch fireworks.  It took forever to get her IV pole ready, and her unhooked from the wall.  When we finally got outside, we watched one firework go off and her IV ran out and wouldn't stop beeping and bugging everyone on the patio, so we had to go inside.  We missed all of the fireworks but laughed about it!

-The ninja colony we made out of all of the stretchy guys that come with the hospital food, I bet we are the only patients that have ever put ninja masks on all of the stretchy guys and set them up having a ninja competition.

-Abby the first few nights we were in the ICU and she had no short term memory, looking at the sticker on the ceiling and asking over and over again, "is it a dog or an octopus?"  Some day, I want to take her back in there and let her see it for herself!  It was clearly a dog, I still don't know what she was talking about.

But the all-time funniest thing (stupidest thing if you ask my kids) that happened was the night we got "the call."  It was 3:30 in the morning.  I answered, they said, "we have a heart, start getting ready and we'll call you back in a half hour."  I woke up the kids and started getting our stuff together.  Then I didn't know for sure if it was real or if I had just had a dream.  I decided it was just a dream, so my kids made me go through my recent calls on the phone, sure enough, we had a call at 3:30 am.  We got in the car and started driving to the hospital.  About half way there I realized that they hadn't called me back yet and it had already been a half hour, so I pulled over and looked at the phone again and saw that the number that had called wasn't from the hospital, I didn't recognize it.  I looked at the kids and said in complete seriousness, "Oh no, it was just a prank call!  Somebody was just pranking us!!  Some dork  just wanted us to think the heart was here!  it's not real, it's just a prank caller."  Brock, Britt, and Abby all just burst out laughing, but at that point I was completely sure that that's what happened.  I didn't think it was funny at all.  Thank goodness Emily called us back just at that time, so I knew it was real and we finished driving to the hospital. Now I look back on it, I can see how funny it was, I think that was when my kids realized how much I was really losing it :)

Was what we went through the past 8 months hard?  YES!!! There are very few things I can think of that could have been harder;  But, I think we did an excellent job of making the most of it and trying to have some fun while we were going through it.  We made it bearable and created many memories, fun-laughing-happy memories that we'll never forget.  I'm just grateful that my kids are the type of people that can do this, because I think this is one of the most important skills to have!  I'm just grateful for my kids.....they are the best, I couldn't ask for better kids, they are my everything.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Its Abby Again:) (A break for Michelle, and post from Abby)

 Hello people! It's abby again:) I decided to do another blog post since I've really only done one on here before... To start with-

School. I got a new schedule this trimester and i LOVE it!! :) So many more of my friends are in my classes. Makes me want to go more:) I have only had 3 absences in my classes so far and have mostly A's :) I love my teachers and everyone at my school, they are super nice:) Sunrise is the best!

Soccer- Yes, I am playing again and its frustrating.... but i love it:) So glad to be back! I may not be the best player on the field but I try my best and work as hard as I can:) I don't get much playing time in the games because i'm not that good but I still try and am just aiming for the high school team in a couple of years :)

Cardiac Rehab- SOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! :D hard, but fun :) maybe even harder than soccer! The people that help me there are amazing and are so fun to talk to :) One of them did rehab with Britt on her leg! So weird! Its kinda just like a personal trainer 3 times a week :) It makes my legs so sore.... Here is my after school schedule

Monday- Soccer
Tuesday- Cardiac Rehab
Wednesday- Cardiac Rehab
Thursday- Soccer
Friday- Cardiac Rehab
Saturday- Game

Its so hard!!! Maybe i'll finally get some muscle back in my legs:)

Clinic- We do have clinic on monday... But its spring break!!! :D We are going to stay up there for a couple days and go shopping and hang out with my cousins:) It will be so fun! Hopefully clinic will look good so we CAN go shopping :)

Sick- Im sick.. I woke up last night at about 1:30 and  and my throat was KILLING. So i texted my mom... hahah I was too lazy/tired to get up and wake her up. buuuuuut she didnt get it. So I woke up the next morning for Britt to take me to school (because i don't have a first period, I dont want to go so early) and I told britt that I was too sick. haha she was just a little bit mad because she got up a half hour early to drive me.. :) So i stayed at my amazing grandma's house and then at 4 we went to doctor Nygaards to check for strep.. but it wasn't that... I have little blisters in the back of my throat from a virus, that we cant treat :( we just have to wait for it too pass. (not fun)

Friends- Im so grateful for my friends!!! :) They are so amazing and I love them so much!

Grades- Uuuum :) Well my grades are not what they used to be that's for sure. but they are pretty good!!! I have nothing below a B but I used to always get straight A's.

And so yeah! Thats pretty much my life laid out in the blog :) Hope you enjoyed!!
<3 Abby :)