Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We're hoping for the 3rd floor today!!!

Abby is doing okay, she's hanging in there right now.  She seemed to do well on the milrinone most of the day yesterday, and her stomach ache was on and off all day.  Throughout the night her blood pressure was getting pretty low, at one point is was down to about 90/35.  This worried me a lot, but the docs only a little, they just kept a real close watch on all night and we'll talk about it when they do their rounds in a little bit.  She started on her coumadin again, which means we'll be trying to get that stable again too.  They told me that when we go home, Abby will have to carry an IV bag around that carries the milrinone.  So I guess she'll be toting her oxygen and her milrinone for a while; but, we can do that.  The plan for now is still to move her out of the ICU and up to the 3rd floor this morning, this is what she wants......and me too.  Abby said she doesn't even mind being in the hospital, she actually kind of likes it, probably because she orders pancakes, 2 orders of sausage, chocolate milk, and grapes (always green!) every morning. Plus everyone knows and loves Abby on the 3rd floor, it kind of feels like home to her.  Hopefully when the doctors make their rounds they don't change their minds and keep her in the picu longer, I think that would probably tick Abby off. 

Did I mention how much I hate the constant beeping in the ICU??? Every time something beeps, I get worried, it's got to be just a natural reaction.  Usually it's just saying that her IV is getting low, or the batteries are low on the cart, but It makes me nervous anyway.  Yesterday the monitor registered a couple of irregular heartbeats, but the doctors checked it out and said it was fine.  The monitor also shows her blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, and heartbeat.  The funny thing is, well maybe not funny-actually kind of sad, is that Abby knows what range each of these numbers should be in.  She also knows how to disconnect everything when she needs go in to the bathroom, then she just connects all of the cords and IV's and wires and everything again.  She's becoming a pro at all this, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I know a lot of people are wanting to visit us this weekend.  We would love to see you, but if you're sick, even a little, please wear a mask.  If it's an obvious virus, it would probably be better not to come at all right now.  We really don't want Abby to get sick and pulled from the transplant list.  Also, if you're coming, you probably should call me or text me first because who knows if we'll be at PCMC or home???  We could be either place.  But, we do love to see our friends!!! Keep praying for Abby, and I can't help but to think how nice it would be just to get her heart while we're already here!!  But then again, for her to get her heart, someone else is going to have to suffer a tragedy.  This is such a hard thing to wrap my mind around, and it will probably be something we think about every day for the rest of our lives, but it's going to have to happen for Abby to be okay.

Thanks to Rich for adding the new donation link at the top of the blog.  Lots of people want to help, but want to use a credit card, and now they can!  And thanks to all of you for following, supporting, and praying for Abby, let's hope for a stable day!!

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  1. Abby's life used to be about letters and words--she loves reading and writing so much. Now it seems her world is about numbers numbers numbers. My wish for today is good numbers. Good numbers in donations. Good numbers in heartbeats. Good numbers in blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory. Oh and good numbers in pancakes and sausages. Let's not forget the best number 1A--top of the list baby.