Friday, June 3, 2011

June 2nd-No PCMC....1st day in 16 days :)

Unless something unexpected happens today, we don't have to go to Primary Children's at all!!! Today will be the first day in 16 days that we haven't been there; In fact, if all goes as planned, we don't have to go back until Monday, yippee!!! Abby's INR was still a little high yesterday, so we're still working on the Coumadin dose, but we're getting there. I have decided that I HATE phlebotomists, hate them....and why are they always so mean??? Why do they have to stick her twice EVERY time? Is it really that hard to find a vein??? It makes me a little crazy every time, I think I could even do it now, maybe I'll offer next time, I bet I could do it on the first try.

Yesterday was a good day.....Abby and Britt even argued a little, right back to the normal. I love it when Britt tells Abby what she can and can't do, and Abby just rolls her eyes and then does what she wants. We went shopping, we just threw Abby's oxygen tank in the cart and walked around the store, it was awesome. We didn't even care when people looked at us. We played Monopoly, sorry Abby, I still won't let you win, even if you are needing a new heart. Britt and Abby played Fish together, and had fun too; and then Mama Thacker and Mama Cozz showed up the day got even better. We went to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream and I tried to use my Dixie Direct card.....good one huh? We had a good laugh about that, well everyone else had a good laugh on my behalf. We laughed so hard we cried! Then we played games, Wacky Six was the best, because you can't start until you say, "Let's get Wacky!" That wasn't hard to do. We also played some Mad Gab, Bookworm on the ipad, ate homemade bread without it being toasted (we realized we don't have a toaster here and this was a real sore spot for Cozz-she was way stressed and almost went to buy one at midnight....good thing Ali the counselor was there to settle her down!), ate popcorn (Abby's favorite!), drank Dr. Pepper, and talked and talked and talked. It was the best. They didn't even force me to sleep like they did in the hospital, maybe they've given up on that and realized that it's a lost cause! It was just a relief to have them here again, good friends make all the difference, I love you both. I think that today we are going to spend some time at the zoo, we'll push Abby around in a wheelchair, and I hope people aren't rude, this is something she'll have to get used to.

I'd say more, but KSL and Kathy Aiken are on the way here to do a story on Abby, so I better go get looking hot!!! It's going to be a great day!

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  1. Hi Michelle, Abby and Britt and Brock, I can give you some wheelchair feedback. I have been in one since last Friday and I find that people are really nice but for some reason cannot hear you. I am not sure but it might be because you are lower in a wheelchair. So I recommend that you yell when it is important Abby. I will come visit again after school is out when I can get someone to drive me. You continue to be in our prayers Abby. I have found that I could feel others praying for me, and I know that prayers are answered too. Love to you all - DeAnn