Monday, June 20, 2011

CrossFit Dixie Honors Abby Epic Ninja Narwal Doman...and Raises Some CASH Too!

Hello friends! I feel so privileged to be writing today on THE Abby Epic Ninja Doman's's like a dream come true! Who am I? Well none other than the beloved 5th grade teacher of Abby...a.k.a....Sparky....or you can just call me Lesley...whatever! I was the most favorite teacher of all time for Abby until Mr. Murdock went ahead and saved her life...that pushed me to a close 2nd! :) But I'm okay with that...he deserves to be "the beloved" for awhile!

I'm here to let you all know about a little fund raiser we did for Abbs at CrossFit Dixie. Last Saturday was the day to honor Abby by doing a little workout called...none other than....ABBY! Kade and Kyle, the owners of CrossFit Dixie wanted to do a fundraiser to help out the Doman family so they made up a WOD, (workout of the day) in honor of Abby and named it after her! Now she's not only super famous because she's been on T.V....survived heart failure...flown in the Life Flight airplane...received a pace maker...and now she has a workout named after her! Sheesh!

Here's how it went...Kade and Kyle made up a workout that looked like this... was was made some people want to cry! Why would they make up such a tough workout and name it ABBY?...because she's TOUGH..that's why. It had to depict it's namesake...and that it did! :)

Here are some pics of the people who dared to try the workout..."Abby!"We also collected a little Ca-Cash to help out the Doman family! Thanks to all who came to workout...and to all who donated $! It was a great day!

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  1. Well done Sparkle. Nice entry and looks like a great day.