Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a long, long, long night! Maybe, hopefully, only one more night in the picu.

Our long night turned into a really long night!!  They didn't come in to put in the picc line until a little after midnight.  The 2 hours leading up to that time was miserable because Abby had to go to the bathroom and her back was killing her, but she wasn't allowed to sit up or move her legs because of the cath surgery wound.  So, we just sat here watching the clock.  At 11:55, I couldn't stand it anymore, I called in the nurse and we started disconnecting her from everything so she could stand up and go to the bathroom!  She was happier after that, but still couldn't eat until they got the picc line in.  She hadn't eaten anything all day, so she was starving and craving a Snickers bar.  They finally finished getting the line in at about 2:00.  It was funny because they gave her a little pain medicine, but not a lot because they were worried about her blood pressure, so it just made her loopy.  She'd start asking about what they were doing, but would forget her question half way through and would just babble the ending.  We were laughing at her a little bit.  I was so glad to see it was one of my favorite nurses, Lacey, that showed up to do the line, we were fast friends last time we were here.  At 2:00 when they left, I gave Ab a candy bar and some chips, she's so spoiled these days, and at about 3:00 we fell asleep.  The ICU is the worst place to sleep....... constant beeping and people checking on Ab, and the lights aren't all the way off, and there's only a recliner to lay in.  So, I was so frustrated at 5:00 that I just woke up.  Luckily Abby slept until about 8:00.  She woke up with a stomach ache, we're not sure if it's because she's hungry, or the meds are doing it, or her heart isn't beating hard enough to get the blood to her stomach.  Hopefully, she'll start feeling better soon.  Her levels looked good all night. 

We just had the visit from all of the docs and the transplant team.  They think that We'll be in the picu until tomorrow morning, then we'll be moved upstairs.  They think that if everything goes okay, we'll only be there a couple of days, we could actually be home by the weekend.  I'm going to have to learn to administer Milrinone through her picc line.  This kind of thing freaks me out.  I'm sure I'll have a long lesson on this, then they said that have to contact home health care to get it going, I'm not sure why.  I'm not a good nurse.  Today is just going to be a mellow, sitting around day.  Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some sleep, but probably not.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers lst night, the night was as peaceful as could be.  I'll post again if there are any new updates.


  1. Hey..a snickers and some chips at 3 a.m. doesn't sound as bad as Barbie and the Diamond Castle! :)

  2. We are friends of Kaidence's family too and our little boy had a heart transplant in 2009. We ran across your blog and wanted to wish you well! Hope the perfect heart comes your way soon. We'll be thinking and praying for you. :)


  3. Thinking about you guys! Pic lines are so much better than having IV lines especially if followed by a snickers bar :) Hang in there!