Friday, June 10, 2011

June 8th and 9th-alpaca farm, trip to St. George

I know, I skipped a day, but things are really settling down a little bit......and I think I needed a break after my last post. It's weird that I'm being so open with things going on right now, anyone that knew me before knows that that's not really who I am, I'm usually pretty quiet about personal things, but this must be for therapy. If all goes well at PCMC today, I'm headed down to St. George this afternoon, then spending the day there tomorrow going to the yard sale, picking up some clothes and things from my house, visiting with friends (I can't wait to see some of you!), and going to some of the charity football game. I think it will be a long, kind of emotional day, but I can't wait for a little break. I'm extremely nervous to leave Abby, but my parents will be with her, and if I get the call, I'll hop in my car and speed back. I just wish Abby could come with me, she would love to see her friends! If you see me in St. George, just remember I don't have it all together right now. I used to be so much fun and funny too, I could make everyone laugh, but sometimes I just don't feel like it now. I will try to keep it together, but sometimes, when I see people that I'm close to, I break down a little. Just give me a hug and tell me it's okay. I am looking forward to being there!

Abby and I got haircuts! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was. A friend of mine from my high school days cut our hair. It was kind of funny to talk about people we went to school with and just to catch up a little bit. This sounds weird, but it just felt good to just sit back and have someone take care of me for a minute. Thanks Tammy, you were just right. When we were done I took out my checkbook to pay and Tammy looked at me like I was crazy, "This one's on me!" she said. Wow, someone I haven't talked to for over 10 years so willing to help. One thing I've learned through all of the this is that for the most part, people are good and want to help in any way. You're the best Tammy, we will be back!

Yesterday, we got to visit an alpaca farm. I have to admit, I was a little bit hesitant, I think those things are kind of ugly, and I didn't really know what to expect; But Abby wanted to go and couldn't wait. I'm not sure where her alpaca obsession came from, she is a little bit quirky, but she pretty much gets whatever she wants these days anyway! It actually turned out to be pretty cool, and I will admit it.....they are kind of cute! This farm had 26 alpacas living on it of all different ages. One of them was only 5 days old. They had 2 different kinds of alpacas, you could feel the difference in their fur. The alpacas were actually very gentle, Abby and her neice Mina got to lead them around on harnesses. They would come right next to us and we could pet their long necks, their fur is so soft. We got to feel an alpaca blanket that the owner had made, I couldn't believe how soft it was....I would love to snuggle up in one of those in the winter. I'm a little bit of an alpaca expert now :), we asked lots of questions and learned a lot. Next time you see any of us, you should ask us an alpaca question-we just might know the answer. Poor Brock was allergic to their fur and by the time we left his eyes were completely swollen and red, but I know he liked being out there anyway. They said we are welcome to go back anytime, so if Abby wants to go, I'll probably take her again, but I bet Brock will stay home. I never in a million years would have thought that I'd be visiting an alpaca farm! Abby had fun with Mina all day yesterday, it was so great to see her just laughing and goofing off, the old Abby! We all went out to dinner at PF Changs with my mom and dad, and while we were there a fire truck and ambulances showed up. Apparently a man thought he was possibly having a heart attack so they called 911. Abby was kind of funny because she wanted to go talk to him and tell him that she could relate, she had recently had a heart attack too! For dessert Abby ordered "The Great Wall of Chocolate" (remember, she gets whatever she wants these days), when they brought it to her, they had put little white hearts all through the berry sauce that went with the cake, they said they did it just for her! She better not turn into a spoiled brat through all of this :)

I'm still awed daily about the great things that are happening for us. A couple of Abby's friends had their own garage sale yesterday and raised over $200-that's awesome, thanks guys. Some kids from aunt's class here in Salt lake, had a lemonade stand and raised $90. My cousin's son raised some money at his school too! This is just incredible to hear, every little thing will help. I worry a lot about how I'm going to pay for everything, especially when I can't go back to school since we have to live in Salt Lake for a while. It's constantly in the back of my mind, just a nagging worry all the time. If any of you know of any work I can do from home, please let me know, I'm going to need the income. I like to work and I work hard at what I do. Just keep your eyes open for any opportunity for me to earn money. Thanks again for all the fundraising efforts, I can't wait to be in St. George so I can see these great things and thank many of you!


  1. My daughter, Megan, is 10 now and spent 4 months in the PICU at PCMC. She was born with heart defects. I told her about your daughter (via and she wanted me to tell you to tell her to hang in there and be sure to give the nurses lots of treats & they'll be wrapped around your finger :) We know you have tons of support, but we live in SLC and would be happy to help if you guys need anything!

  2. I met you today at the yard sale. My son Omri goes to Sunrise Ridge and my daughter, Shae, knows Brock from Desert Hills Middle. We have been following your posts about everyday. Shae said that Brock was really nice to her once even though he didn't really know her and just felt like telling him she knows what he is going through since she almost lost her mom, (me) when a pregnancy went bad and it turned into a really bad case of pre-eclampsia which caused congestive heart failure from all the fluids that built up from kidney failure. We lost our baby but I am still here so I know all about borrowed time. We wish you well and will continue watching your progress!
    Tina Roberts and family