Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13th-A visit with another heart kid's mom

I think I've finally recovered from my trip to St. George, I did love it...every second of it, but it wore me out too. I forgot to thank everyone that came up to me and told me that the blog or the Doman family have touched or inspired them in some way. That's good to hear, we need to know some good that is coming from all of this.

We have been having some fun this week. Meri and Rich and their kids, Britt and Brock and Brock's friend, Steven, and my dad are all in Salt Lake right now. We got to go see Super 8 on the Imax screen....loved it too! Abby was pretty scared and sitting real close to her cousin Mina in some parts. We also went out to dinner last night to one of our favorite Salt Lake places-Kyoto's, good food there. Today, however, is really not fair. Everyone is going to Lagoon, except Abby and I, and we have to go to the dentist. I love Lagoon, and I HATE the dentist, even if it is my brother...sorry Jeff. Abby isn't supposed to have any cavities or dental problems when she has her transplant. I guess there's a strong correlation between dental and cardio problems, kind of weird I know! So we're going to go get our teeth cleaned and taken care of, it needed to be done anyway...but I'd rather be riding on the Rocket at Lagoon!

Yesterday, Abby had her big Monday doctor's appt. or clinic as they call it. They started off by taking her vitals, everything looked good, she even gained one pound last week, way to go Abby, no feeding tube :) Then they took her back for another echocardiogram, this is just an ultrasound of her heart, it doesn't hurt at all; In fact, it's pretty relaxing, Abby almost fell asleep. They said everything looks the same as 2 weeks ago, and she won't need another one until next month. Deep down I was thinking, what if they looked at the results and her heart was normal again and they said it was just a true miracle and we could go home and everything would be back to how it was 1 month ago. Can you even imagine how awesome that would be? It's fun to think about, but I know it can't happen....ever. Then the docs all started coming in and listening to her heart and checking on her. It seems like everything is pretty stable right now. It makes me wonder if her heart has lasted 12 years without any problems, why can't it just last another 12? why is it all of a sudden so vital we get a transplant? Who's to say that a year or even more than a year from now, we won't be sitting here doing the same thing....Abby feeling good and just waiting on a heart. I would be completely crazy by then, we need to get her heart soon, really soon for us all to keep our sanity. Her INR was too high....again. 4.6 today, not critical, but almost. I guess we'll be adjusting her dose again.

One cool thing that happened while we were there is that they brought a lady to me whose son was at the hospital for his yearly appointment. He was 16-years-old and had received his heart transplant 2 years ago. He now plays football on his high school football team and his mom said he is just a normal kid now, you would never know. It was a little discouraging when she told me that they had to wait 10 months for his heart, and he got really sick and almost died before he recieved his heart. But she just gave me a big hug and told me that she understands, she knows how hard this is for me, she knows that there is nothing harder for any mom to have to go through, she knows that it's harder for the mom even than for the kid going through it, she just gets what I'm trying to deal with. She said that it may seem so overwhelming, which is exactly what it is, but that we will get through it, we will eventually be okay. It was good to talk to her and to hear her validate my feelings right now. She let me know that how I'm coping is normal for what I'm going through, I'm not losingit, I'm okay. What a great experience; In fact, I'm going to count it as another tender mercy. She was there at exactly the right time for me.

The comment of the day was when we were driving to PCMC and Abby said she had a little, tiny sliver in her finger, and it was very small. When I told her we would have to take it out so it won't get infected whe said, "Oh no, isn't that going to hurt so bad?? I don't want to do it!! Don't make me take it out!" Britt and I just laughed, with everything she's had done to her the past 3 weeks she's worried about getting a little sliver taken out?? Britt's response was, "Abby, you had a freakin' chest tube in your lung...you didn't complain when that was taken out, but you're complaining now?? are you kidding me?" It was pretty funny. We did get the sliver out and it didn't even bleed for that long, we were worried about that because of her INR level, but it was okay.

I was reading back through some of my old posts yesterday, and just to clear things up....I do know the difference between here and hear, and their, there and they're, and I usually am a good speller. I don't go back and edit, I think I'd probably get embarrassed about some things I've shared and delete it, so I just type it and then publish it. Just remember, I've been on limited sleep and brain overload, but I really am capable of being a teacher!!

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  1. it was funny bcuz i was texting her... and i asked her if she was still at the restraunt, and she was like... nope but i have to get a sliver out.... im like ummm k:) and then someone had posted the cure for her add legs, and it was with the bar of soap.... and she didnt hear about it so i told her.... she was like.... "hahahahahahahahahahahaha. no" gotta love abby haha miss ya michelle