Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31st-just waiting, Nick Rimando, meeting with the docs

Waiting.......still waiting. I hate waiting; In fact, I'm probably the most impatient person I know. I'm patient with people, but I am not good at waiting. Standing in lines is horrible, and this whole ordeal is kind of like standing in a line....a long, long line for everything. One of the residents came to talk to me today and told me her INR level is 3.4, too high, again. Only 4 tenths too high, but that still might be too high. So we are waiting for the boss doctors to come in and give us the news. She also said that Abby's lungs sounded a little "crackly" today-that's not good news either. Then another resident came in and said he heard a different sound in Abby's heart today and is curious to hear what the cardiologist has to say about that, this can't be good either. Hmmm......not the greatest start to the day! Maybe by the time I'm done with this post, I'll hear some good news. Not only that, none of the doctors are paying a dollar when they listen to her heart!!!

The greatest thing about yesterday was when Nick Rimando stopped by Abby's room. This is the phone call we got from my sister Meri to Britt, "Britt, you looking hot? Because you might want to be. You should also get your camera ready and some markers for autographs, and you better hurry!" She wouldn't tell us anything more. We could not figure out who was coming, but our minds were racing. I've never seen Britt get ready and looking hot faster, and Abby too! I was just sitting and laughing at them, because I always look "hot!" :) When he walked into the room Britt's jaw just dropped, I don't think she said a word the entire time he was here, except for, "I'm soooo jealous," and "Can I please have a picture with you?" Abby had a lot more to say, and me too, that never seems to be a problem with me. He was so nice and just talked to her about what was going on with her and his experience at PCMC. He gave her a signed goalie jersey and 2 autographed pics. If Abby starts feeling better, it would be sweet to be able to go to a game sometime if we can get tickets. Britt is planning on going to every game now, she hasn't figured out how yet, but knowing Britt, she'll find a way.

We had a big meeting with the all of the doctors on Abby's team yesterday. I guess they have one every Tuesday, but this time we were invited. It turned out to mostly be me asking questions. We found out that once we're out of here, Abby can go on walks and do limited things, as long as she doesn't get too tired. It's not a good idea for her to go out in large crowds, to many sicknesses out there. She can go to a movie, but we should go at nonbusy times. I loved it when Abby asked them if she could jump on the tramp, it just shows how good she's feeling. There answer was no, in case you couldn't figure that out. We will be coming to the hospital at least every week, sometimes twice. She's now on Coumadin, Lasiks, Tums, and now they started her on a beta blocker. She started this last night, and she's taking it so her heart isn't shocked by the defibrillator unnecessarily. This could lower her blood pressure, so it has to be monitored for a little bit. So many things to worry about all the time, it's a little overwhelming. Britt's question in the meeting was all about whether Abby would be bigger and
tougher if she gets an athlete's heart. The doctor's reply, "She will get the heart she needs." In other words, maybe we shouldn't be picky.

Thanks to Britt for posting all of the pics and music on this blog, she does such a great job! It gives me one less thing to worry about. Abby spends a lot of time each day talking to her friends on Skype on her ipad, listening to music, playing games, chatting with the nurses (they love her), playing the piano, walking around the hospital, watching a little tv, talking to her visitors, going to physical and occupational therapy, and getting checked out by nurses and doctors. Not an exciting life right now, but never a dull moment either. I think we're ready for the second phase of this adventure.

I finished Paul Cardall's book this morning. I didn't sleep last night at all, so I had lots of reading time. What an excellent book that helped me understand the process we'll be going through a little bit more. It was very hopeful, but depressed me too. Paul had to wait almost 2 years for his heart. I am 100% certain that I can't wait that long. By that time I will have lost my job, my house, my positive attitude, my family being so close (we can't stay close living away from each other for too long), my total sense of who I am. If we could go through this in St. George, it would be so much easier, being away from home is hard. When I start getting these depressing, discouraging feelings, I try to just go back to living day by day. So when people ask me about what are plans are, if I sound a little out of it, it's because I'm trying not to think about it. In my mind, Abby will get her heart very soon and we will be home, in St. George, by Christmas. That's my plan, and that's what I'm sticking with. Just keep praying that things will move quickly, we need her to get her heart ASAP!

Still no news, but I have a feeling we'll be staying another day. When I know, I'll let you know.

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