Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3rd-A day w/ Ali and Cozz and KSL

Today was a good day....In fact, probably the best since this all started. Abby feels good. She's laughing, eating well, goofing off with her family and friends, confident that everything is going to be fine, and just happy. I'm continuosly amazed by her strength, her positive attitude and her courage. She just has a real sense of peace about everything that is happening to her, somehow she's made sense of it all, I'm proud of her for that!

The interview with KSL was actually kind of fun. Abby was perfect. She knew exactly what to say and wasn't even shy about being on the camera. She answered all of the questions with complete poise. I felt like my interview went okay too. When you see me, just remember I've been under a lot of stress, that's why I look so tired. I question some of the things I said, but there's nothing I can do about it now, so I try not to worry too much. The story will first run on Friday night on the 10:00 news. We are also going to be on a show called Mormon Times that runs on Sunday morning. I think it will air a week from Sunday. After they interviewed us, they shot video of us all playing a card game. It was hard to be polite while we were playing and not call each other names or any of the other things that happens in a competitive card game....we had to be on our best behavior, it was really hard :) It's just weird for me to think about us doing things like TV and newspaper, how our lives have changed in the past 2 weeks!

The rest of the day was just fun. Britt, Ali, Cozz, Abby, and I spent the day just being together and laughing and enjoying each other. I hope Ali and Cozz realize that my kids and I consider them part of the family now, there's no getting out at this point, they are stuck with us, which can be hard right now too. We have lots of good times, but we are going to continue to have the struggles too. They're in it for both.....and it will be so hard for me and the kiddos to see them leave today, I hate that part of this.

I know that Cozz loves playing Bingo (or "yellow car" as Ali insists on calling it), and slug bug with Abby. She now has bruises on both her arms and legs....Abby is pretty tough at that game and hits hard for a little twerp! After we went to lunch together and did a little shopping, we came home so Abby could rest-but she didn't. She made us buy and watch this really sad movie called The Ultimate Gift, then Abby didn't even watch it, she spent the whole time Skyping with her friends. So they all watched it and cried, and I took a much needed nap, I knew I had to take advantage of them being here-I always sleep better when they are here. Thank you Ali for taking phone and babysitting duty so I could catch up on a little sleep.

Then we decided to do something that I never do.....we went to get pedicures! It was the best! completely relaxing and just the perfect thing to do. Britt refused to get a pedicure and just got a manicure instead-then she didn't even put a color on, just clear....what a dork! But Abby looked just like a pro, you'd think she'd had a milllion pedicures before! As I was sitting there, just feeling content, I asked Cozz why we never spent the time doing things like this before. Why were we so caught up in everyday life, that we wouldn't take an hour a month to do relaxing, fun things like this together? It's sad that it takes a tragedy like this to make you realize how the little things matter so much. Please don't wait for a tragedy.....take a couple of your closest friends and spend a little extra money and go get a! Just sit in those awesome massage chairs, chill, and talk to each other.....enjoy each other. When we are back in St. George, I'm not ever going to get caught up in everyday life again, I know better now. Britt will be posting pics of our awesome toes and her boring fingers later today, after we go to the zoo!

The rest of the night was spent playing games and talking. Abby was a little spunky all night and I was so ready for her to go to bed, she did stay up until midnight and was on full-energy level the whole time! She was throwing food and cards at us all night, laughing her head off, and throwing pillows at us whenever she got the chance. I have to admit, it was so, so great to see her like this! We spent lots of time talking to Britt about her life right now-school things, guy things, friend things, high school girl things. I loved hearing Ali's and Cozz's point of view about what Britt should be doing, it wasn't always the same as mine, but we agreed most of the time. We mostly just spent time being together, and that is exactly what we should be doing, maximize every second you get together.

I know things have really slowed down with us, but I'm going to continue to blog as much as possible, if not every day, then every other day. It just helps me to keep things straight, plus someday, Abby is going to love to look back on this phase of her life. I continually think about all of you that are trying to help us, and will always be grateful. This is really hard to go through, but we are trying to make the best of it. I know it sounds like we are just having fun, like we've forgotten how serious things are with Abby right now, it feels good to try to pretend that everything is okay; But we know it's not, this is scary and serious all the time. It never leaves my mind, even when I'm laughing and goofing off it's still always there. But I don't want to always write about the bad things, I want to remember the light, easy, incredible things too. Hang in there with us, we still have a long road ahead!

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