Sunday, June 19, 2011

Triathletes and Crown Fight MMA fans come through for Abby!! By Aunt and Uncle Meri and Rich.

Two very different events were taking place on Saturday. The Utah Summer Games Triathlon and the MMA Crown Fights. The first.....We wanted to do something to help our niece Abby and her family, so we thought, how about we gather a few items that would appeal to a triathlete, have a raffle during the registration of the Summer Games Triathlon race, and hold the drawing just before the awards ceremony at the finish. I was in awe with the overwhelming support and want to thank my fellow triathletes, friends, and families that supported the cause for Abby. It was awesome and wanted to also thank those who helped with prizes and other support to make it happen: Race directors of the Summer Games Triathlon Colby and Jeff, Rebel Sports, Red Rock Bicycles, St George Running Center, Pro Triathlete Heather Wurtele, Swig, Perks,, Fargos, Bicycles Unlimited, Southern Ut Tri Club, and Adam at Festival of Sound.

Raffle At Rebel Sports
Triathlon Raffle Prizes

Racing with Abby's Purple Unicorn

The following evening, Crown Fights donated a raffle table at the Mixed Martial Arts Crown Fights at the Dixie Center. Thank you Crown Fights, Rebel Sports, Mesquite Extreme Power Sports, Costco, Super 8 Hotel, Shauna McCullough, Bloomington Golf Country Club, Max Ahquin, Dustin Dell and all those friends, families and spectators at the fight who helped support.

There were some amazing things that happened and I will share a few: One of the winners of the raffle came up on stage for his prize, accepted his prize and later returned the envelope to us with more money in it to donate to Abby. How awesome is that!! Another time there was a little boy that came up and didn't want to be in the raffle, he just wanted to give donation for Abby!! One of the best parts of the night was when Dustin Dell won his tough fight in the third round and some of people in the crowd were upset with the decision. Instead of letting it escalate, Dustin changed the attitude of the crowd when he got on the microphone and the first thing he said was to get over to that raffle table and help little Abby Doman!! WOW!!

We have been amazed to see all the goodness and generosity that people have and hope we can do the same and pay it forward someday.

We want to tell everyone thank you for your support!!

Crown Fights Raffle Table
Dustin Is Ready to Fight

Thanks Meri and Rich for the fundraisers and for posting this!!!

We would be in trouble without all of the hard work you two are doing for us!

We miss you!! Abby and Shell

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  1. Sweet! I love it! Glad it went well! I will post about mine later today. Woot woot!