Friday, June 17, 2011

June 16th- A much-needed grateful List

I feel like it's time for a grateful list, sometimes I forget and I need to remind myself of the good things that are happening.

I'm grateful for:

-Candice's sister Tricia that brought us dinner last night. I did not feel like cooking at all and this sweet lady, that doesn't even know us, brought us dinner. It was the perfect night for that. Thanks Candace for setting it up, and thanks Tricia-you made my night!
-My niece, Mina. She's keeping Abby company..... a lot, which takes some of the pressure off of me and allows me to take care of some other things that need to be done.
-Lesley.....for everything she has done for us, and there's a lot. The yard sale, the t-shirts, the bank, crossfit fundraiser, the almost daily phone calls, her cute girls, It never ends. Love ya Les.
-Shave Ice, they can always make me feel better :) good thing there's one close by our new place, and they have strawberry pineapple with cream!
-Movies-whenever I get really tired, I know that if we go to a movie, Abby will be entertained...and I'll sleep. I can't help it, no matter how good the movie is, I always fall asleep (but usually only for about 10 minutes, unless the movie is really boring)
-Sandy, my principal, and Desi, my vice principal for helping with all of my paperwork for my job. I can't believe I've asked them to do things for me, like they're not busy enough. I also know that they will both do whatever they can to help me with my job and dealing with the district. That's one less thing for me to worry about. Not only that, but they're my friends too and we've spent lots of time talking and visiting! Thanks to you both, I can't wait to get back there. Sorry about all of the responsibilities that I had that you've had to divvy out to other people. I promise to work even harder when I get back.
-Abby's doctors at PCMC for allowing her to just get her finger pricked for her INR and not a poke in the arm. We were informed yesterday that she's the only patient they allow to do this. Abby's response, "Now I feel reaaaalllll special!" Thank you, it makes a difference to Abby.
-Cozz and Ali.... always. But especially for when they talk me through my breakdowns. They always know what to say to bring me back and I don't think they've gotten sick of me..... yet.
-When I'm just sitting there, and I get a message from someone, telling me that they're thinking of us and they love us.
-Crayons and coloring. This can be very therapeutic. Maybe not so much for Abby, but definitely for me. It's something I can control.
-Meri, my sister. I just dumped all of this fundraising stuff on her. She told me it was like having another job and her phone never stops ringing. Thanks Meri, I know it's crappy, but we need it. I wouldn't be able to do it without you.
-Paul Cardall's phone call to me the other day trying to help me understand all of this. He's a very knowledgeable and spiritual man and his words were helpful. Thanks for taking your time for me.
-My car. It's had a lot of problems lately, it seems like I have to keep putting money into it, but it got me to St. George and back last weekend. I hope it can hang on through all of this and all of the traveling we're going to be doing. It better get tough before the snow comes though!
-Brock and Britt and that they will be here all next week with us :)
-Diet Dr. Pepper
-All of you reading my blog-your support is awesome! My friend Whit asked if I'd googled "Abby Doman" lately. I couldn't believe it, she has like 3 pages of stuff! It's pretty incredible, you are all the best and we will never stop appreciating you.
-That Abby still feels good and not much has changed yet.
-An idea I have about a book that Abby and I are going to write together. In my mind, it's just to do it!
-My brothers-I'm so glad they both live close enough to spend time with us, it helps break up the time and it's good to see them more often.
-Neal A. Maxwell's talk-But for a Small Moment. If you haven't heard or read it, you should. It explains so much. I will be blogging more about this another day, I just need a little more time to sort things out first.
-Pandora radio and the Five for Fighting channel. Stop laughing Britt!!!
-My phone....holy cow, I would be lost without it! I have to stay connected to everyone, it's vital.
-Advice from friends. I really am listening and trying some things, I'm just a bit skeptical sometimes and not real trusting. Don't give up on me though, keep pushing it.
-That I'm getting a little less mad and a little more accepting. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there.
-Most important....Abby's miracle and that she's still here with us!!!

I thought that would be hard today, but it wasn't....and I feel better. It's funny how this list can change from day to day. I bet if I would have made a grateful list one month ago it would have been completely different than the one today, and it will probably change the next time I write one too; But the thing that stays the same is that I always feel more hopeful after and Diet Dr. will always be on my list!!!

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