Friday, May 20, 2011


so abby is awake from her surgery and pretty alert. she is doing a lot better, and making progress. she is talking okay and can move her arms and legs. they are even going to try and have her stand up in a few hours. they are also going to move her out if the ICU hopefully sometime today, and take her chest tube out. she can see now, and it is getting easier for her to focus. her color is starting to come back and she is starting to look like our little abby again. her long term memory is good, but the short term is not very good. some therapists are going to work with her, and hopefully it will help, but for now we can give her one card and she can read it over and over again and be happy. she doesn't know what happened or where she is and she doesnt ask cuz she knows it is something bad. it is so sad to see her sad little face, but we are just so thankful that she is still here with us. there are a lot of doctors, and so much information that we are trying process. it has been the longest 3 days of our lives and i still don't think that any of has processed what has happened. thank you all for everything


  1. wow, that is all such great news! We're so happy to hear all these signs of improvement! We won't let up on the prayers - thanks for the updates!

  2. That's great news! I hope the therapy helps her memory. I hope all of you are finding time to rest.

  3. That sounds a lot better! Feel better Abby!!