Saturday, May 21, 2011


abby got the chest tube out earlier today, and she is feeling much better! they moved her out of the ICU and onto floor 3 where things are a little more chill. she didn't even flinch when they took it out, shes so stinkin' tough. she is sitting upright and talking and eating a little. she is still her stubborn self haha she kept saying to me.. "you're a bad nurse" rude huh?? and she keeps taking her slippers off just so i have to put them back on haha she's funny. her memory is also improving, she sorda knows what day it is and what year, but still has to think about it for a while. she only knows a few things about what happened, and what is going to happen. she knows that she fell in P.E, Murdock saved her life, and she needs a new heart. she doesn't wanna know the rest. well thats it! she is doing much better :) thanks again for all you of you who are doing things for our family :)

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