Saturday, May 21, 2011

a little comic relief :)

this is britt.. just making sure everyone knows that.. so although this is awful, here are some things that will make you laugh..
because of abbys short term memory loss she keeps saying over and over again..
"do i have short term memory loss?"
to me: "you're a really bad nurse."
"do i have to re-do 6th grade? cuz i didn't do my crt testing."
"can you put my slippers back on?"
"are narwals real?"
"is this becuase of my asthma?"
"is my arm broken?"
"is this 2012? why did someone say the world was going to end??"
"are the pictures supposed to be moving?"
"is this a dog or an octopus?"
every time i ask her guess who's here she says "murdock" EVERY TIME!!!!!
"that's a stupid narwal"
we say what day is it abby and EVERY time she says.. "tuesday..... no Saturday." she really wants it to be tuesday haha and when we say what year is it abby? she replys every time with "2010.. no 11" i know it doesn't sound very funny, but we ask her every 5 minutes, and she replys exactly the same, it's pretty funny.
she is playing this game called rat on a scooter on my ipad and saying wow britt you are a very bad at this game but really they are her old scores haha so she keeps beating her old scores saying "i just beat your old scores britt" but they are really her old scores haha
she kept typing the same exact status update on facebook
she played the same song over and over again on the piano
she searched narwals on google at least 12 times
these things are so funny to hear over and over again.. and although it is not very nice to make fun of her, it sure is fun for us. and now that my mom has been awake for 48 hours she is getting a little crazy.. so between my short term memory loss sister and my sleep deprived mom, i'm screwed for the night... my mom has also been saying some pretty wierd things.. here are some funny things she has said tonight..
"have anyone talked to you about this??"
"she needs her nose blowed"
"you've been recording me??" no mom, abby.
"everyone of them are the nicest one."
"ya you had great stools" instead of scores hahaha
she sucks at steering the oxygen tank
because they have to track how much abby pees they have her pee in what they call a "hat" thats just sits in the toilet and you can take it out and stuff but somehow my mom forgot to take it out today and peed in the hat haha
mom "right down this hall you will see spiderman" the doctor leading us "actually, that is on the other side of the hospital" ahahaah
she almost stole a diet dr pepper cuz she didn't think she had to pay.. but they caught her. she had no money. and she had to walk all the way back to the room to get it, and then she forgot about it hahaha
there is this revolving door with trees in the center and she said in all seriousness "why are there trees sticking out of the door??" haha soo funny!
well thats about it! some of these might not seem very funny, but when you are as tired as we are, anything like this is funny. abby's doing good! just gotta get her memory back. thanks everyone for the cards and food and everything else! you all are great :)


  1. This is great Britt, I bet you love to take fun of your mom whenever possible!!!

  2. Britt you are awesome! Thanks for making us laugh and letting us know that, amid the heartache and pain, you all are laughing too!
    LOVE the Doman family (((hugs)))

  3. :) Thanks for sharing the funnies :)

  4. Awesome. I'm glad you are all laughing together and that you have each other to get you through this. You're a great family. We're praying for you!

  5. They say that laughter is the best medicine so I say "Keep on laughing!" :) You're in all our thoughts and prayers Abby. You too Michelle and Doman family. Keep on progressing Abby! We're cheering for you down here.


  6. Keep up the good work Abbs! I am sorry to here about the INR but just keep pushing forward. You and your family are unmistakeably unconquerable! :)

    Remember that when you face a wall you can either stop when you reach it or you can climb over it. Just elevate your gaze and keep climbing.