Friday, September 2, 2011

Double Surgery Day for the Doman's!!

5:45 am-Leave the house for PCMC
6:00 am-check in for Abby's cath/biopsy.  The biopsy was scheduled for 7:30.  The plan was for Britt and I to wait until Abby woke up from her biopsy around 8:30, then head out to Jordan Valley Hospital for her knee surgery.  She was supposed to be there at 9:15.  My dad would stay with Abby and My mom would come with us. 
6:45 am-phone call from Jordan Valley asking us to be there at 8:00 because there was a cancellation.  I made a quick call to my parents and asked them to be to PCMC at 7:30 instead of 8:30.
7:30 am-my mom and dad showed up, but we're still waiting for the biopsy/cath.
7:45 am-walked Abby down for her surgery, kissed her goodbye, and walked my dad through what would happen the rest of the morning.  Took off and sped to Jordan Valley.
8:15 am-made it to Jordan Valley.  Checked Britt in, and anxiously started waiting.  I think if my phone would have rung during this time,. I would have passed out.....just a little anxiety moment, we didn't need a repeat of May 18th.
9:30 am-Call from my dad.  Abby was in recovery, the doc mentioned her cath levels were higher than last time, hoping it wasn't rejection.  I just slightly started panicking at this time, especially since another one of Abby's transplant friends is in the cicu right now with serious rejection and complications (she could sure use your prayers, her name is Maya and she's struggling!)
10:30 am-Still sitting in the waiting room with Britt....good thing they made us get there early :(
11:00 am-Call from my dad, Abby's echo looked good.  They were waiting to meet with the transplant team in the PHARMACY, because every room in the clinic was full, as well as the waiting room and the hall outside of the waiting room.  I knew they were going to have a long day!
11:15 am-Finally, finally, they came to take Britt back to pre-op.
12:30 pm-Britt goes in for surgery.  Wow, we waited for over 4 hours.....I decided I will never be on time for a surgery again. 
1:00 pm-Call from Abby.  Everything looked in clinic, no problems.  They're adjusting her meds a little to work on cath level results.  They'll call later with biospy results.  They're headed home for Abby to work on homework.
1:45 pm-Dr. Beck comes out to talk about Britt's surgery.  She had a ton of scar tissue throughout the knee....again.  He cleaned some out of the front and the back and a big ball of it on the kneecap.  He also cleaned up the meniscus again and made a little incision inside of the tissue to give the kneecap more room to move.  Her ACL looks good and stable.  Britt has 6 weeks of intense, painful physical therapy 3 times/week.  I'm not sure if I'll keep her in Salt Lake with us to do this, or go to St. George....I'm still working on all of this. 
3:45 pm- Britt finally wakes up enough for us to be able to go home.  She has the biggest brace on her knee I've ever seen.  She's in pain, but doing okay.
4:30 pm-Stop at the pharmacy to try to pick up Britt's meds......but there are at least 8 people in line, so because I'm tired of waiting, I leave.
5:00 pm-finally home and both girls are sound asleep.
8:00 pm-It's been a long day.  We still haven't heard Abby's biopsy results, but I think that no news is good news, right???  Both of the girls are feeling fine, but too.  Tomorrow morning we are going to go to St. George for the weekend, I need a break and we don't have to be back until Tuesday morning.  Brock is playing football right now at North Sanpete High, my parents are watching and called to say he was playing great!!  He needs us to be in St. George this weekend too.  Britt will be coming back with us on Monday night so she can do therapy next week on Tuesday and Thursday.  She also has a post op appointment on Thursday.  Abby has her clinic on Tuesday and Thursday next week too, what a fun week we have ahead of us. 

Today was not my most favorite day.  I have learned to be really patient, I'm getting much better at waiting.  But, I wish there could have been 3 of me today, so I could have been with each of my kids when they needed me, that's becoming the hardest part of all of this-I can't be in 3 places at once.  At least I know we are getting closer to being able to move home, possibly only 5 more weeks!  We can do this, we are staying strong.


  1. Oh how I love your posts! You are amazing, Michelle. Doman's rock! I'm sorry that todya was a little rough. But I know it's almost over for you. You get to come home really soon. Glad Britt's surgery went well. Praying for good news about Abby's procedure. Love you!

  2. Michelle! HANG IN THERE! My goodness. I am a weeping mess. You are all in my prayers tonight.