Sunday, September 4, 2011

We are so blessed

How come we are so blessed?  Here we are, just this little family from St. George, school teacher and single mom.....just doing our little thing, nothing great or spectacular, not out of the ordinary, just a fairly normal family.......... but we have so many people that are helping us right now.  It makes me ask, "why us?" or wonder, "Do we really deserve all of this goodness?"  I just have to comment on a few of the great things that have happened lately or are going to happen in the near future. We always feel so loved and taken care of.

-The Car wash at Fargo's.  I heard it was a hit, cars non-stop throughout the day.  I wish we could have been there, but Abby wasn't feeling her best that day, she needed to rest.  Thank you to all of you that spent the day washing cars for Abby.  Thanks to Fargo's for hosting it!  I hope you all feel like it was worthwhile, it meant a lot to us.

-The Kalamity dance performance at Desert Hills High.  We couldn't attend this either because it was a clinic day for Abby in Salt Lake, but we got to hear all about it!  I heard that Cammeron Murdoch's words brought to tears to many people's eyes and that the dancing was just incredible.  Thank you to all of you that helped put this together and performed, thanks Cammeron for being there and telling Abby's story, and thanks to everyone that attended-we were told it was a full house!  Thanks Tia for thinking about us.......again, I've only met you once, but I feel like I've known you forever.

-My aunt and uncle, Janene and Jeff, and their whole family.  They couldn't attend the Dash for Donation but participated in their own walk-a-thon for Abby.  We loved seeing the pictures of everyone in their yellow shirts.  Thank you for the donation too, it is needed.  Also thanks to my cousin Paul's daughter, Maddie, that made beaded lizards and sold them for Abby.  What a great idea, thank you for spending your time for Abby!  Every penny counts, and you made lots of pennies.

-The Northern Utah Mustang Owner's Association.  They are in the process of putting together a national mustang car show that will be held at Tuacahn in St. George in April.  They are going to donate some of their funds that are raised to Abby and our family.  The show is going to be awesome, we can't wait.  They had a Utah show last week in Park City and have already started getting the word out about Abby's story.  Abby loved sitting in all of the mustangs last week to get her picture taken for the promotion for the car show.  We will post pictures of her photo shoot later.  Thanks NUMOA for all of things you gave to Abby and for the money you gave us last week-it was fun meeting all of you!  We appreciate all you are doing for Abby.

-The music festival that's going to take place at Daybreak in South Jordan on September 24th from 2-8:00 pm.  My cousin and his wife have planned this event for Abby and it's going to be awesome.   There will be many bands performing throughout the day and they will be having a raffle as well as selling Team Doman shirts and wristbands. I think this sounds like a fun day, we will be there for sure!  Everyone is invited, so I hope to see all of my Salt Lake friends and family there, plus anyone else that happens to be there that weekend.

-The Zumba fundraiser for Abby at the Warehouse in St. George.  This is going to be held on September 17th.  I haven't gotten all of the details, but I know there are some awesome women that are in charge!  Thanks Raelee for putting this together, it sounds like fun!

-The fundraising done by my sister-in-law Mel and her family.  Having bake sales was a great idea! Thanks to the  kids that had lemonade stands too.  We are grateful for the time you spent baking and selling things for our family, thank you!!

As you can see, we are so blessed.  Before Abby collapsed, I'd always had a hard time accepting help and especially asking for help, I think it was my pride getting in the way.  All of this has really humbled me, it's taught me that it's okay to need help sometimes.  I hope I've learned to accept it graciously, sometimes it's hard to let people know how much we appreciate them and what they're doing.  It can be hard to put gratitude into words.  If you've helped us, and I haven't personally thanked you, I am sorry.  It's been hard for me to keep some things organized, it seems like some things have gotten past me the past few months.  Just know that we are grateful for everything that people have done for us, we are so blessed.

"One thing will always secure heaven for us-the acts of charity and kindness with which we have filled our lives.  We can do no great things, only small things with great love."  Mother Teresa

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  1. My pleasure:) I love ur family michelle! You r amazing!!! Yes I feel the same, we r long lost now found family members:)