Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Make-Wish and we deserve a break-not another knee surgery for Britt!!!

Abby was lucky enough to be able to visit with the Make-A-Wish people yesterday.  I'm so glad she got to do it when Britt was in town, I just wish Brock could've been here too.  When we got there, we sat down with her wish granters, Mike and Pat, and munched on some of Abby's favorite snacks while they got to know her a little bit.  We then got a tour of the place, it's pretty incredible.  There are pictures hanging on the walls of all of the kids that have been able to make a wish, and a description of what they wished for.  Out in the back is a wishing pond, they gave us each little wish tokens to throw in the pond.  Abby and Britt decided to save theirs and put it on a chain to wear, not me...I made a wish and tossed mine in.....moms get wishes sometimes too!!  Then we went upstairs and played the wishing board game to help Abby try to choose what she wanted to wish for.  After the game, Abby had to write down her top 3 choices for wish and put it inside of a little capsule.  While she was writing her wish, we all wrote down something that we wished for Abby.  We read these to her in the wishing room, and then she was given these to keep.  In the wishing room Abby sent her wish capsule to the "wish wizard" to see if it could be granted.  Sounds kind of cheesy, but I bet little kids eat it up!  Abby's top wish was for her family to be able to go on an Australian cruise, her second choice was a shopping spree.  But, later that night she started having doubts about her wish. I think that Abby's a little nervouse to travel to far from PCMC, nervous about all of the germs on a plane and a cruise ship, she's not allowed to swim for another year, and she'd have to wait a long time, at least 6 months until her wish could be granted; So, today, she'll probably switch her wish and go on a shopping spree!!  Britt is still trying to convince her to meet Justin Beiber, thank goodness Abby doesn't want this!!  I just want it to be Abby's wish, it has to be something she wants.  She commented on facebook that "sometimes, when you get what you want, you can't decide."  She's having a hard time making up her mind, I think I would too!  When she finally makes up her mind, I will let you know.

After almost a year, and 2 surgeries, Britt's knee has still been giving her a lot of trouble and pain, so yesterday I took her to an orhtopedic specialist in Salt Lake.  He told us she needs another surgery!  As soon as I heard this, I said schedule it as soon as possible so we can get it taken care of before we move back to St. George.  So, Friday, I get to spend the morning with Abby at PCMC getting her cath/biopsy and going to clinic, then I take Britt to Jordan Valley to have her knee surgery.  Hopefully, the timing will work out.  Abby should be first in the cath lab, and Britt is scheduled last on Dr. Beck's surgery schedule.....I just hope it will all work out, It will definitely be a stressful day.  I always hate when Abby has her cath/biopsy-I'm nervous the whole time, and the last time I was sitting with Britt waiting for her knee surgery was when I got the call that Abby had collapsed at school.  I just want Friday to be over with.  The good news is that Britt will be able to spend next week with us while she is recovering, the bad news is that Brock will still have to be in St. George.  I don't know if we'll be able to go to St. George this weekend either, it just depends on how Britt is doing.  I'll also have to miss Brock's football game this week.  When I look back at everything that we've been through this past year, I can't help but think, "haven't we had enough??"  When does it become too much??  I think this might be it for me, I think I've reached my max... after this surgery, it's time for things to settle down for us, we deserve it.


  1. i know things are looking grya again especially where as Britt has to have surgery again and Brock wont be able to be up there with you, but at least you know that your kids are healthier and that they love you and they know you love them and when things look gray look foward at the good times to come. Before long you will be back in st. george going to work and having your family together again. Keep up your chin and remember you miracle is your kids and their love. Keep up the posting i love reading about the things your family is doing. thank you and Abby i just want to say. Your spirit is strong and as you are going through this you have a smile on your face and showing the world you can do this and so can anyone else. Thank you.

  2. Heck YES, you deserve some settling down! I am so sorry for poor Britt. That stinkin' knee! You all have had so much going on. Its almost over though. It's almost time to come home TO ST. GEORGE! I'm looking so forward to having you back at church... seeing you drive in and out of the neighborhood... seeing you sitting at football games (and me sitting by you so you can explain it to me)... seeing Britt's car come and go due to her busy lifestyle... passing your house while Brock is mowing the lawn (and wishing my son had some yard work to do). AND SO MANY MORE THINGS. It's almost time. Prayers are still going up for the Doman family. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  3. Above is correct. All your kids are coming out of this healthy. My friends son got to pick make a wish a few years back. His wish was a family trip to florida. Back then it was only for kids that were terminal. That trip is something that gave them memorys for a lifetime even tho there son is sadly long gone. I kinda think a trip even if its a year down the road would be cool, something you just dont do everyday. Im sure your daughter will pick the right wish for her tho.

  4. You do deserve a break! My daughter was able to make a wish a couple of years ago. It was awesome for us to get away as a family. We had to wait a little while but it was great. We went to Disney World. I pray for you and your sweet family every day.

    Vickie J.