Monday, September 26, 2011

Awesome music festival, not-so-awesome clinic appointment today

First, the good....then the not so good, then the bad. 

The Good-The music festival at Daybreak on Saturday was awesome.  My kids and I were lucky enough to spend the whole day there together, and we had a blast.  The stuff that was donated for the silent auction and the raffle was so nice, at one point Abby even asked if she could enter the raffle for one of the prizes.  Those of you that won were pretty lucky, I hope you think it was well worth it.  The music was incredible!!  Every band that played was good, I only got a little nervous when I thought my dad was going to go up on stage and take over the mic, he just wanted to be a part of it, he was loving the song selection too much.  For more info on some of the music that was there visit  The games for the kids were great too!!  Nothing better than watching Brock, Britt, and Abby doing the "cookie walk" and the fish pond.  But my favorite part of the day was just being there with my friends and family.  At one point, my cousin's wife said it best when she said that she isn't glad that this had to happen to us, but so much good has come out of it, there have been so many benefits; and I have to agree.  I have loved reconnecting with my cousins and their families and my aunts and uncles, and I don't know if we would have done this without going through the past 4 months.  Thank you Robb and Melissa, you spent so much time on this day, I hope it was just how you wanted it to be.  Thanks to the rest of you that helped as well, there were so many of you helping, I don't dare list names or I know I'll forget someone.  Thanks to the bands that played and to all of you that showed up to support us.  It was an all-around great day!!

The Not-So-Good- Abby had clinic this morning, and it wasn't our perfect clinic that we're used to.  First, her blood pressure was high, it hasn't been high since the transplant. Then her white blood count was only 1200, it's supposed to be 1,500, so she's at a higher risk of becoming sick.  Therefore, back to being extremely careful around people-we're keeping her isolated this week.  I guess I'll be even more germ-concious this week!!  Probably seeing the movie Contagion wasn't the best thing we did last week, I was already a germ freak, now I'm even more paranoid.  Abby's renal level was also high-probably due to the steroid decrease last week.  And last, her Prograf level was a 17.5 which is way high.  I haven't ever mentioned this number before because Abby's has always been right on, until today.  Prograf helps to prevent rejection in her heart.  Each time we go to clinic they test her level, today it was high, so....we are supposed to be watching for Abby to get the shakes, a headache, an upset stomach, a fever, the chills, etc.  If any of these come up, we have to call the transplant team and decide what to do from there.  None of these things are too major, just little things that we didn't really want to come up the week before we hopefully get to move home.  We just need to be very watchful this week and hope for the best.  I was told that when you have something big planned is just when something always happens, and sure enough it did.  Monday is the big cath/biopsy day.  I'm a little nervous after everything that happened today, but were thinking all will be perfect again.  I guess we need to expect some bumps along the way.

The Bad-One of our best little heart friends, Kaidence and her mom, got some bad news after her cath today and really need some prayers sent their way.  We've personally seen the power of prayer this past 4 months.  Her blog is if you want to read her story.  Incredible story, incredible mom, incredible little girl.  We've become really close with this family and they've helped us so much this past 4 months, Shauntelle has always been there for me, and now it's our turn to help them.  Try to include little Kaidence and her family in your prayers if you can.  We love you Shauntelle and Kaidence...hang in there.

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