Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorry if I made anyone feel bad yesterday

I think I need to try to clarify some of the things I said in my last blog.  I was not talking about anyone specifically in the section about friends.  I have the greatest friends and people supporting us in the world.  I came back to Salt Lake last week feeling that I just didn't have the connections with people that I used to have because I'm not able to spend the time with them.  I went to relief society for the first time in a long time, and it was awesome, but I just felt so out of touch....same with when I'm with everyone else.  Abby is experiencing the same kind of thing. Anyone that's moved knows just how we feel.  The reason that I'm excited to move back is so that I can start to feel that connection with people again.  We're not in Salt Lake long enough to hang out with people here, and when I'm home I like to spend as much time with my kids as possible.  It's just very in between but only for a few more weeks.  I'm sorry if any of you took it personally, it wasn't my intention at all.  That is just one of the reasons that I'm so ready to move home.  We have had the greatest support in the world, everyone knows that, we would never take it for granted.

Abby's clinic visit today went perfectly, no problems.  She is still on schedule for her exercise test tomorrow at 12:30, she's way, not so much.  Abby has a biopsy/cath scheduled for October 3rd, 2 weeks after she comes down on her prednisone.  This will determine whether or not we will be moving home the beginning of October or if they will want us to stay here for little longer so they can watch her more closesly.


  1. Cant wait to hear how AwEsoMe Abby does tomorrow:) Still praying for your cute little family.

  2. Don't worry about other people! We all know how great you, Abby, and your family are!

    Good luck with everything tomorrow,

  3. Holy cow! October is closing in fast!!! We are still praying for you guys, we want you to come home too! I hope everything goes well with her test today. She'll probably amaze everyone like she always does!

  4. Hopefully Abby's exercise test went well. It was so fun to run into you guys today at the hospital today. I know it was rushed and I kind of came out of the nowhere but I was so surprised to look up and see you there. Like I said, I felt like I was seeing a celebrity!! :)