Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Weekend Warriors! Ali & Cozz

Highlights of the Weekend.... by Ali & Cozzens:  We  are happy to report on a fun filled weekend with the Doman family.  It's is non-stop fun and craziness when we all get together.  What an amazing family!  Thanks for letting us 'step into' the Doman family for a bit of time....

Pizza Night... The Pi   Thursday night arrivial and the kids are "starving" Abby wanted pizza and since we are so close to the University of Utah the obvious choice was pizza from The Pi... It was a hit of course!  Abby loved it (ate it for breakfast too the next day) and Brock did too, the 2 biggest critics of our food choices.

Girls Night at the Movie (Brittany, Michelle, Cozzens, and Ali )  we headed to a movie after we all chowed on some really good pizza.  Michelle needed a break from life and a "chick flick" was the a good idea.  We laughed through 'Crazy Stupid Love' and Michelle slept through some of it too.  I guess that must be normal for someone so tired.  Brock was the best to stay home with two 12 year olds...when we walked through the door the 3 of them were playing an intense game of  monopoly and Brock had clearly showed them how to eat snacks while playing.  It was hard to see the game through all the crumbs, wrappers and junk food.
Famous Grilled PB & J  Cheryl Cozzens shared her famous recipe of "grilled heaven in a pan"  We all sat around and waited while Cozzens sang and danced in the kitchen working her mad cooking skills.  They were such a huge hit.  Poor Cozzens had to stand at the stove while we all requested another one. 

Fruit Snack Fight  It all started with verbal attacks on Cozzens.  We were teasing her pretty bad when she just "snapped"!  She stood up and reached for the closest thing.. the cupboard with all the snacks..she just grabbed and started throwing stuff so hard and screaming.  It was an all out war..... fruit snacks were being launched back and forth everywhere.  There were fruit snacks all over the kitchen... Brock was in the middle and he was being hit by crossfire.  Abby was the meanest and was aiming for everyone's face... all of us took several hits and also had a great laugh.  It was fun to have a food fight and the cleanup not so bad!

Games at the Park  So...we all had to get out of the blue room...Sugarhouse Park...lots of snacks and an armful of games.  As the blanket hit the grass and, most importantly, the snacks were out...Brock and Mom had to throw shoes down the hill.  Guess who finally went to get them??? Yes..Abby.  So what that she just had a heart transplant.  We enjoyed people watching, game playing, and the most delish Shaved Ice.  Good times!

Cafe Rio Picnic in the Backyard The best picnic ever....Good thing it was after Brock tooted in front of the guests.  We ordered our favs from Cafe Rio and headed into the backyard "oasis garden of good times".  We had good food, good company, and a few bug bites, too.
Drive in Movie  wow what a great night and a late night.  The movie started at 11:35pm.  Abby and Michelle had not seen Harry Potter 7 we planned the big night.  It was LONG and eventful.  We had the Cozzens truck and the Doman van parked side by side... At the best part of the movie the truck's sound went out...Cozzens looked a little panicked and we soon discovered the truck battery had died.  So after the movie was over we had to deal with "jumping" the truck.  Good times were had by all.

Brock's Art Projects  Brock has never been one to sit still and color.  For some reason, this weekend he fell in love with coloring.  Brock and the markers were like one..... maybe it was the markers and the smell now that I think about it.  He was so proud of his 4 giant pictures he even put them on the wall.  He named all his pictures "the beast"  and sta rted the Art Mural.

Britt's Latch Hook Rug  Brittany has spent an entire week "bonding" with Abby over crafts.  She has completed her first (but not last) latch hook rug.  It has been fun watching her do it.   Abby sang & enjoyed the Justin Beiber movie and all the High School Musical Movies while she was working her magic.

Abby's Cleaning Meltdown  Abby may have raised her voice a little tiny bit Saturday afternoon.  She walked through the house and surveyed the area as she went.  There was a lot of "stuff" everywhere.  Her frenzy began with screaming statements like,  Clean up the markers they are everywhere.... Bittany and Brock are so messy... they just left all their stuff everywhere... I am so sick of it.. I am so mad...       All of us just stopped and stared at Abby as she shut down at the kitchen table with her ipad.   Brittany went into hugh speed clean up mode...while she was also screaming back... Abby is so rude and is such a brat...   It was quite funny to watch the siblings at their finest moments.   It was awesome!

Getaway to the Heber Valley  Have you ever tried to squeeze 7 people in one car for a road trip?  We did it... and it was a tight fit and good times.... We traveled from Sugarhouse to Heber for a dutch oven dinner put on by Ali's parents.  Abby and the family needed a change of scenery and the Thacker family backyard was a great place to go....  a game of "don't let the ball touch the ground game" got a little wild when Michelle launched  the beach ball into the nearby canal.... after dinner we roasted marshmallows and watched moon flowers open up (a flower the blossoms after sunset)...  played some fun games and listend to good music on the back deck... the drive home was loud with everyone singing show tunes.... Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Lion King, etc.... a fun trip to the Heber Valley a nice change of pace!

Sunday Morning TV Debut   It was a special morning to be here and watch Abby's story on Mormon Times.  It's hard to even put into words what was felt while we sat with Abby today.  What a special girl... and a special family...  Blessings and miracles all around. 

Thanks for a fun weekend and for letting us Blog our perspective!  Ali and Cozz

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