Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Words from Abby :)

Hey people. It's Abby! :) I'm coming home! Well, from Friday to Sunday.. ha. On Friday I'm hoping the doctors are going to let me go to the Desert Hills Varsity football game! This will be fun. Brock might get to play and some of my friends from school are going to be there! :) As for school.. ya. My mom is not letting me slack off. I have to read at least a half hour a day, do some Bridge summer book thing, and do all the assignments that my teachers send me... So don't think I'm just not doing any work :) We are going to go to the school on Friday to pick up some work.. after all the kids are gone though because my imnune system isn't strong enough. Which leads me to the doctors- 'Rules for St. George.'
1. No hugs.
2. LOTS of hand sanitizer.
3. Stay in a bubble.
4. Can't run.
5. Try to stay out of the sun.

These are the rules the doctors have given me for if I go to St. George.. Ya I know. Can't do that much haha. But I REALLY want to see my friends from school and just be HOME! If I can just wait one more day... :) and then.. on Monday.. If my cath looks good then the doctors said NO MORE OXYGEN and I GET TO START RUNNING!!! So this cath is like way way way way exciting to see the results for.. But the first time running they want me hooked up to the treadmil so that they can make sure everything looks good. But yesterday.. on our walk.. I kinda ran like by two cars :) like ten steps.. haha it felt great :) Well I got to go take my meds.. We are down to about 35 pills a day! And still tapering down :) Hopefully on my next Prednizone taper my puffy cheeks will start going away.. Brittany was not very nice about them.. haha bye. See you in St. George!! :D

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