Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 6 on the 6th by Ali & Cozz

This is Ali & Cozzens:
We thought it was time to share a few things from our perspective... so today since it is the 6th of August we will list it in a "Top 6 List"...

Top 6 statements Michelle says throughout the day:
6.   What should we do today?
5.   Abby how are you feeling? Are you tired?
4.   I just want them to call with the results (this is said over and over on "Cath days")
3.   Abby did you take your meds?
2.   I am fine
1.   Abby did you take your meds? (Abby turns her head and rolls her eyes)

Top 6 places the Doman's go:
6.  Milcreek Canyon for a change of scenery
5.  Drive-In Movie
4.  Sugarhouse Park under a shade tree
3.  Drive around after a stop for Shave Ice or Jamba Juice
2.  Subway drive-up
1.  Primary Children's for testing etc.

Top 6 games played around the house:
6.   Uno (at this house its called "Uno Schmuno")
5.   Nertz (Ipad)
4.   Old Maid (Brock's favorite)
3.   Guitar Hero
2.   Farkel
1.   Monopoly

Top 6 things Abby says throughout the day:
6.   I am hungry
5.   Look how cool my scar is
4.   Can I go for a run... when can I run
3.   Stop it Brock... you're so mean to me
2.   Can we go to ________?  (Jamba Juice, Subway, Olive Garden)
1.   Mom, Chill

Top 6 things she loves or says to Brock:
6.  Where is my phone charger?
5.  Brock you're so mean.
4.  Stop singing... ( he isn't that good)
3.  I love that he can make me laugh
2.  I love that he always takes his vitals when I take mine
1.  I love that he is on my side to convice my mom we need more food or to go eat more

Top 6 things she loves or says about Britt:
6.  You're a bad nurse...haha still
5.  I love it when she does my hair
4.  Let's go get a Jamba
3.  I love that she always takes care of me
2.  I love that she drives me places when we need a break from mom
1.  I love that she is the oxygen police..carries it for me, gets it ready etc...

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