Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally, the post we've all been waiting for :)

 Even though Abby had just had clinic , her annual biopsy, and an echo at Dixie Regional all in the last week, she still had clinic again today.  We packed our bags for a whole week, we always do now, it just seems like we've had to stay up there more times that not lately.  But that wasn't necessary this time; In fact, we got home at 4:00!!  So far we've only gotten good news today, all good's about time!!!  Here are some good things that have been happening with Abby and the rest of the Doman Crew:

-Abby's eosiniphilic colitis symptoms (diarrhea, no appetite, upset stomach) disappeared 9 days ago!  That's right, she woke up 9 days ago and it was just gone, she hadn't even started the new meds yet.  Baffling?? Yes!  But we're going with it anyway, and just hoping that it never comes back!

-Abby's "crackle" is still there, but Dr. E thinks that it will eventually just go away on it's own.  It's fun to listen to though, everyone wanted to listen at clinic today!  I don't like it, it makes me nervous, but everyone else is okay with it, so I will try to be too.  I just don't like it when she can't breathe when she's laying on her back, or it hurts her when she breathes in deep.  They think it's just pleurisy and will hopefully go away soon.

-Abby's 3rd CMV test came back negative-that means it's all the way our of her system!

-We're starting to decrease one of Abby's meds, Tadalafil, and it's one of the expensive ones!  woohoo!

-Britt graduated from seminary and from High School!  Way to go Britt!  Britt has always been an excellent student and takes school very seriously.  She's now taking classes to become a CNA and has a job interview tomorrow for her first "real" job!  It's a CNA job at a elderly care center.  Keep your fingers crossed for her to get the job!!  She'll start taking classes at Dixie State in August, and hopefully be accepted into their nursing school in a couple of years.

-Brock is getting stronger and tougher and is going to tear it up at football this year.  He will probably be playing both sides of the ball come August, not bad for a junior.  He went to football camp last week and loved it, even though it was 2-a-days and was 100 degrees every day!  His ankle was hurting a lot by the last day, but we're still just hoping and praying it will hold out until the season is over and then he'll have his surgery.

- I am doing 100 million times better than I was 2 weeks ago.  I'm out of school now, which makes me feel like I can finally have a minute to breathe again.  I even made it to the gym 5 days last week!!  I read my book, spent some time at the pool, and even took a daily nap!  I honestly feel like it's my turn to finally recover a little.  When you don't sleep for a year, you get kind of run down......I can finally catch up! I plan on continuing to relax and take care of myself, I need it, I have a lot of work to do.

- If things continue to look good, we don't have to go back to clinic until July 2nd, almost 1 month!!

- They gave Abby the okay to swim (as long as it's not in pools with lots of little kids with poopy diapers on).  We'll take it, we thought she still had one month, so I think we both almost passed out when Dr. E said to go for it!  We need to get out on the boat again....I can't wait!

-The shave ice places are open, ahhhhhh, nothing better!

And finally, the best news of all..............are you ready for it???????

They gave us the okay to plan our Make-a-wish vacation!!!!  When I asked when we could go on a vacation, Dr. E. said,  "Plan it now!  Just go!!"  So we are.  We even stopped at the Wish House on our way home from Primary Children's.  Since Abby can swim now, she's decided she wants to go on a Caribbean cruise.  As soon as we got home we starting looking them up and we already have our top 3 choices.  It's a little hard to plan because of Britt CNA class schedule, and Brock's football schedule, but we found 3 cruises that work.  I have to call our wish planner tomorrow and see if they are available.  She said that because they do everything they can to treat the wish kids like superstars, they only allow 2 on the ship at one time, so we have to make sure these aren't full yet.  I will be calling tomorrow, and we could possibly be heading to the Caribbean in 1 month!!!  Woohoo!!!!!  You don't even know how happy this makes me, I need a vacation so bad, I can't even explain it.  After Dr. E said it was okay to go, I was thinking on my drive home that if I was rich, I would go home and buy 4 tickets to Hawaill and we would be leaving tomorrow.......hmmmmm........If only I was rich!  Let's just hope that one of the 3 cruises we can go on will work out for us.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good about things, but we haven't gotten lab results back yet, and these results might shed some light on why Abby keeps getting all of these inflammatory problems.  We are still waiting on the results from Cincinnati too.  They are still trying to find the underlying cause of everything that's been happening this past year.  But, for now, I'm just going to be happy and enjoy our perfect clinic day!!!


  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! I am SO happy for you all! Way to be, Abby! This is AWESOME news! :D

  2. Good news is intoxicating!!! I'm so happy for you guys and what a great way for Abby to kick of her summer! I'm so glad she went with a cruise, you all will have an incredible time! Good luck with all that is ahead!

  3. Great news!! I am so glad you all finally had a good news week!

  4. Yay for the evaporation of yuckyness and exercise and naps and graduation and working ankles, and vacations and time off and a happy day! year post starts to get better...Smiling for you. :)

  5. Congrats! Finally some good news! Happy for you guys. Joey has his annual on monday! Funny he has his before Abby. He's been begging to swim for a few months. No go. I might not get him out of the water once he gets in! Well worth the wait. I'll keep in touch and let you know how it goes Monday.

  6. YAY so haPpY for you guys! So happy to hear Abby is feeling better:)