Friday, June 15, 2012

Boating videos and pics......I can't believe it hasn't even been 1 year!!

Abby is doing pretty good right now.  Things finally seem to be pretty stable, and we're enjoying our summer.  The Make-a-wish plan is still set for a trip to Florida the second week in July, we are all excited!  When we decided on the date, Abby's comment was, "Oh no, I have clinic on July 2nd.  I hope nothing happens and that we can still go!"  So, we are all praying for good health for the next month.  Abby has already let us know that if this trip gets cancelled, she's not planning another one.  As for now, we spend our days swimming, going to movies, and just hanging out.....we are loving it!
We went boating this week, for Abby and I it was our first time in 2 years, we never got to go last summer.  At first, Abby was real nervous.  She didn't think she was strong enough to pull herself up on the kneeboard.  But, she got out there and did it no problem!  She was going in and out of the wake just like before, and even was back to doing her 360's!  She had the biggest smile on her face ever, and so did all the rest of us in the boat, it was amazing.  After Abby realized she could do this, she decided to try surfing, and got up her first time!!  She is awesome, totally inspiring.  After spending the day on the lake, wakeboarding, surfing, tubing, and cliff jumping, we went home and Abby slept for the next 3 hours, I think it wore her out!  The one thing I learned from seeing Abby out there doing all of those things that she didn't think she could do yet was that we are always stronger and can do and handle more than we think we can.  Way to go Abby!!!

**Sorry the pictures are all over the place, I can't figure out how to put them where I want!  If anyone wants to teach me, please do!

Abby heading out of the wake

Abby and her cousin Leah

Abby surfing :)  It won't be long until she figures out how to let go of the rope

Britt on the wakeboard


Abby's cousin Luke

Cliff jumping

Britt always wants to go faster on the tube!

Abby's Uncle Rich getting some air!

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