Monday, March 5, 2012

Its Abby Again:) (A break for Michelle, and post from Abby)

 Hello people! It's abby again:) I decided to do another blog post since I've really only done one on here before... To start with-

School. I got a new schedule this trimester and i LOVE it!! :) So many more of my friends are in my classes. Makes me want to go more:) I have only had 3 absences in my classes so far and have mostly A's :) I love my teachers and everyone at my school, they are super nice:) Sunrise is the best!

Soccer- Yes, I am playing again and its frustrating.... but i love it:) So glad to be back! I may not be the best player on the field but I try my best and work as hard as I can:) I don't get much playing time in the games because i'm not that good but I still try and am just aiming for the high school team in a couple of years :)

Cardiac Rehab- SOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! :D hard, but fun :) maybe even harder than soccer! The people that help me there are amazing and are so fun to talk to :) One of them did rehab with Britt on her leg! So weird! Its kinda just like a personal trainer 3 times a week :) It makes my legs so sore.... Here is my after school schedule

Monday- Soccer
Tuesday- Cardiac Rehab
Wednesday- Cardiac Rehab
Thursday- Soccer
Friday- Cardiac Rehab
Saturday- Game

Its so hard!!! Maybe i'll finally get some muscle back in my legs:)

Clinic- We do have clinic on monday... But its spring break!!! :D We are going to stay up there for a couple days and go shopping and hang out with my cousins:) It will be so fun! Hopefully clinic will look good so we CAN go shopping :)

Sick- Im sick.. I woke up last night at about 1:30 and  and my throat was KILLING. So i texted my mom... hahah I was too lazy/tired to get up and wake her up. buuuuuut she didnt get it. So I woke up the next morning for Britt to take me to school (because i don't have a first period, I dont want to go so early) and I told britt that I was too sick. haha she was just a little bit mad because she got up a half hour early to drive me.. :) So i stayed at my amazing grandma's house and then at 4 we went to doctor Nygaards to check for strep.. but it wasn't that... I have little blisters in the back of my throat from a virus, that we cant treat :( we just have to wait for it too pass. (not fun)

Friends- Im so grateful for my friends!!! :) They are so amazing and I love them so much!

Grades- Uuuum :) Well my grades are not what they used to be that's for sure. but they are pretty good!!! I have nothing below a B but I used to always get straight A's.

And so yeah! Thats pretty much my life laid out in the blog :) Hope you enjoyed!!
<3 Abby :)

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  1. glad your schedule is better now and you can be back playing soccer! congratulations! <3