Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 4 on the PCMC floor!!!

This is now our fourth day here, and the 2 questions that I keep getting are:  "How is Abby???" and "How long will you have to stay there?"

I will answer these questions together.  Abby is just okay.  Yesterday was a good day, she felt pretty good all day.  Her stomach felt better, and even though she didn't have much of an appetite, she was able to eat a little bit and most of it stayed in her.  When the docs made their rounds, it sounded to me like we would only be here for 1 week, and then I felt like we would be going home.  Today is a little different.  She woke up with an upset stomach and feeling really tired and has been sleeping pretty much all morning.  She's also doesn't want to eat and when she was awake, she spent lots of time in the bathroom.   Today, when the docs came by, they said it's normal to have good and bad days with this virus, but to hope that she has more and more good days, and less bad days in between.  After talking to them today, I felt like we will probably be here 2 weeks.  Hopefully, when she wakes up, she'll feel better and have some more energy.

So, what have we been doing around here to stay busy?  She's been getting caught up on homework which is good because she's missed about 3 weeks of school now, and I know Britt's bringing another packet of work for her to do.  We've been playing lots and lots of games-monopoly (of course), Ticket to Ride, Battleship, and a couple of new dice games I bought.   We've been visiting and catching up with all of our nurse friends that we haven't seen for about 7 months, this has actually been fun.  They all say, "It's so good to see you guys!!!"  Then after a pause they say, "well, not really.  We don't want to see you HERE, but it is good to see you!!"  She's been playing games on her ipad and facetiming with her friends and Britt and Brock.  We got to see our dogs last night through facetime too!  It was funny because I think they were really confused, they could hear us and see us on the screen, but they were looking everywhere and couldn't find us!  It was fun to be able to see them and Britt and Brock while we were talking to them.  We painted wooden eggs and bunnies too, we are definitely lacking artistic ability in our family!  Yesterday, when Abby was feeling good, we went on lots of walks.  They let us walk all the way over, across the walkway, to the University Hospital.  We also walked the stairs a few times, and spent some time outside on the patio and in the angel garden.   We've also spent time with visitors.  Thanks to those of you that have stopped by, it's fun to see people we haven't seen for a while and to meet new people too!  Just as a warning, if you're pregnant, or you're one of our heart transplant friends, you shouldn't come see us.  you are too susceptible to catching this virus.  The rest of you are more than welcome, you won't even know if you catch this from Abby, so stop by, we would love to see you and we are already getting bored.  Today, when Abby decides to wake up, we will probably be doing much of the same, plus child life brought some other craft things to do as well. 

So, How am I? I am actually doing pretty good, much better than last week when we didn't know what was going on.  I'm glad we now know what's been making Abby feel crappy and that we are trying to treat it so that Abby will start feeling better.  I've been feeling a bit beat up lately, so I'm trying to take this as a little vacation, a little break before we get back to the real world and trying to do everything that needs to be done. I miss Britt and Brock tremendously and I hate to leave them home.  I'm just glad that I can trust them and that there are so many people there watching out for them while we are here.  It also helps that they will be coming up on Sunday to see us!  I still haven't decided if I'm driving down to be there for prom, or if I need to stay with Abby.  Seeing that Abby is sicker today makes me feel like I might need to stay here.  So, if you live by us, stop by Saturday night and make sure there aren't any raging post-prom parties going on at the Doman house :) 

Thank you to those of you that have been thinking about us and praying for Abby to get over this bug quickly.  Also thank you to those of you that have provided dinner for my kids, and brought Abby and I things in the hospital, or have stopped by for a quick visit.   Hopefully we will be back home soon.

The scar from the double-failed picc line attempt

Here are some pictures of the last few days:

The real picc line!

Homemade cookies and a nice note from a friend-DELICIOUS

We love games!!!  Even if Abby ususally wins :)

This one is for Brock-Spidey says Hola!!

Cute Abby playing Ipad!

Ahhhh, Rainbow Cafe Oatmeal, my favorite.  It almost, almost makes our stay worth it!!!  Okay, maybe not!

Love, love, love it!  This is from a fellow heart mom that is just amazing, some day we have to meet face-to-face!!

Abby all bundled up in her heart blankets!!  I wish she was feeling better today :(


  1. feel better Abby! You sure are a trooper! And Michelle, wow, what a woman you are. "Enjoy" your "break." Hah! Get some sleep if you can. Thinking about you guys!

  2. Good to hear you guys are doing "okay"...we're all worried about both of you at SRIS! Abby looks less "puffy" than the last time I saw her...don't know if that's good or bad :{ Keeping you in our thoughts...
    Krista & Andy

  3. I got one of those blankets for my little boy and the heart mom is actually also one of the social workers who helps helped me and hubby deal with the initial diagnosis of a CHD for my little boy.

  4. Michelle and abby, prayers headed your way. We are thinking of you both, and praying you are home soon with your loved ones. Abby you are such an inspiration, you always have a smile on your face. I hope my daughter also with chd,can grow up to be such an amazing young lady:)