Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday and we're not at PCMC???

Today is the first Monday in almost 5 months that we haven't spent at Primary Children's!!  Wow, it actually kind of felt weird.  We did, however, have to go to Dixie Regional for some labs.  We're hoping that Abby's white blood count is finally up....this house arrest is really getting to us!  Plus, her Celcept and Prograf levels were a little off last week too, so after some medication adjustments, we'll hope they're back in the perfect range!!  The amazing thing that happened today was that it only took one poke!  Abby is almost always a 2-poke blood draw kid, but not today.  It was a little funny, after we had been sitting in with the lab technician for about 10 minutes, just chatting, she stopped and said, "'re the girl that collapsed in PE last May aren't you???"  Then she just stared at us with her mouth hanging open and kept repeating, "Dang!!" over and over again.  Abby and I got a good laugh out of that!  It was so nice not to have to drive up to Salt Lake this week, I actually feel like I've had time to finally start recovering!  We will have to go back for Monday morning clinic, but we won't leave until Sunday afternoon and we'll come back right after her appointment on Monday.  I can handle every other week, that works for all of the Doman crew!

So, what have we been doing this past week, since we've been back home?

-Unpacking and moving in.  This took a lot of time, because I felt like I had to clean everything before I put it away (remember my germ obsession?)  I really just wanted to throw everything we had away and start over, but financially, this wasn't a smart idea, so I cleaned everything.  I did throw lots of stuff away and sent it to the DI.  I realized we had a lot of stuff that we didn't need, so I just tossed it.  It felt good.  I'm still not done with every closet and cupboard....but we're getting close!
-Visiting with friends.  Thank you to everyone that has stopped by to see us!  It's been fun to catch up with you and find out what you've been up to the past 5 months.  Everyone knows what we've been doing, but we don't know what's been happening with anyone else.  Thanks for bringing us goodies and notes too!  To those of you that have been sick or around sick people, thank you for not stopping by....we really appreciate that.  Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome and loved.  It is good to be home!
-Keeping Abby caught up in school.  She's getting bored, I think she's realized that school really isn't fun without friends.  She's counting down the days when she can be back in school, November 7th can't come soon enough. 
-We did break the house arrest rules and we went to church yesterday.  We had to because the bishop called Abby up to the pulpit in sacrament meeting to announce that she's moved in to young women's.  She turned 12 last May, but since we haven't been around, she hadn't officially moved up.  It was pretty amazing to see her up there, I saw quite a few teary eyes in the congregation.  Considering everything that we've been through, this was a big deal!
-Watching Brock play football.  Desert Hills is tied for 1st in the region, and with Brock playing both JV and Varsity we're spending lots of time watching games....and I love it!  This has always been one of my favorite things to do, I have always loved watching my kids play sports, but with Britt out with her knee problems and Abby out with her heart problems, I've really been missing it!  I can't wait until I can go watch them all play again!
-Enjoying the simple things.   Sitting down for dinner together, watching tv, helping each other with homework, having the kids' friends over for lunch during school,  roast marshmallows and make smores, going out for icecream, Sunday dinner at grandma's house, my  morning workouts, being home when Britt and Brock go to school, shopping at Costco, working in the yard (I haven't gotten to this yet, but I will soon!), playing or snuggling with the dogs, etc.

Things are good.  Life is beginning to feel more and more normal.  I have 3 weeks to get myself ready to go back to school, and 4 weeks to get Abby ready.  One thing that I've realized this past week is that I wish I hadn't taken my life before the heart transplant for granted.  Things that didn't really matter, used to seem I know better.  I look at how easy things used to be, and I wish I would have realized this at the time.  I guess it's just a matter of stepping back and putting things in perspective.  Although we will never have that "easy" back, things can still be good now.....and they are.

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