Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here's to things being NORMAL!!!

So, what's been happening around the Doman house the past couple of weeks?  Just a whole lot of NORMAL, that's what!!  Finally, it feels like we are just back to our normal routine, and I LOVE it!!

Abby hasn't been sick for a long time, she's been healthy and feeling good....other than a little problem with turf toe anyway.  No really, it's called turf toe.  I went to pick her up from soccer last week and she was crying and could barely walk.  She had been complaining all week about her big toe hurting, the final diagnosis........turf toe.  So, soccer has been put on hold for a little while.  But it has nothing to do with her heart, so it's okay, we can deal with turf toe.  Abby went to her first day of 8th grade just like any other normal kid!  I think she was a little nervous, she hadn't really been to school for almost a year!  She came home happy and excited.  And look how healthy she looks too, I love how she's so proud of her scar and isn't afraid to show it, in fact, she likes to buy shirts that show it off!

She's loving just being a kid again.  A lot of the hype at school, the whisperings of, "Hey look, it's Abby Doman!"  have finally died down and Abby can just be Abby again, not "the girl that got a heart transplant."

Brock has his first football game tomorrow night up in Syracuse, so as soon as I'm done with school tomorrow, we're making the drive up there to watch.  We just can't stay away from Salt Lake!  Brock's foot that he needs surgery on is holding up really well, it's really not giving him too many problems.  His other foot, the one he injured about a month ago, is having a hard time healing.  I think it will be okay at the game, but I worry about him pulling it again and having to start the recovery over again.  We'll just hope for the best.  Be sure to cheer for Desert Hills #77 this year!  He'll be playing on both the O and D line, and I think he'll be fun to watch this year.

This is a picture of Brock and a bunch of his buds at the Desert Hills Meet the Team night.  This is one of those things that I had to miss last year, so I just love every second of being able to be there now!  I love this group of boys, there's just something about them that you can't help but to like!

I think it was weird for Britt not to go back to school when everyone else did this week.  She doesn't start her classes at Dixie State until next week, but then she's going to be extremely busy.  Between her night shifts as a CNA, volunteering in the ER,  her class workload, and the GPA she has to stay above to keep her scholarship, she's going to have lots to do.  But, if anyone can do it, it's Britt.  She's always so motivated and determined to do what needs to be done! I'm proud of you Britt!

As for me, I'm back to school too.  It's been a busy week of getting ready for school to start, but the first couple of days have been so good.  I'm so grateful to be able to start the year with my classes and to be able to be a part of everything again.    I know I was there last year, but is was so hard because I was gone so much, and I was still so focused on Abby and her needs, that I didn't really get to enjoy my job like I used to. I can honestly say that I've loved the first two days of school, it feels like it did before this all started, and that feels good.  And just on a side note....Mama Doman is down 10 pounds and counting!  I finally decided that after spending a year taking care of everybody else but me, it's my turn a little bit again.  I'm hoping that my face and body will shrink as much as Abby's did from when she was on steroids, to now:

So, here's to things being NORMAL!!!  I don't care if things get better than they are now, I just want them to be stable for a while.  Our next clinic day has been moved to September 6th because we had to add a follow-up visit to the Moran Center with the retina specialist to make sure that when Abby had CMV that it didn't do any damage to her eyes, which it sometimes can.  I'm not worried about that at all, I think it's just a precaution.  That means that after this weekend, we still have almost 3 whole weeks before we have to make the trip up again!  Love it!

I want to end with some amazing, miraculous news.  I've posted a lot about the 3 kids that have been waiting for hearts at PCMC.  Finally, last Monday, Abby's heart friend Kaidence got the call.  She received her heart the next morning and everything is looking good!  We couldn't be happier for Kaidence and her family.  Kaidence is 5 years old and this is her second heart transplant, she is truly a miracle.  Now we need to keep praying for little Matthew and Kylie to get their hearts.  Three transplants in 3 weeks is what we're praying for!


  1. love that things are NORMAL! hoping they stay that way for a while!

  2. Seriously "turf toe"? It reminds me of when our hampster had diarrhea -diagnosis "wet tail" treatment- dose of "dri tail". All that Latin and this is the diagnosis. I love that you are having normal!And congrats on 10 pounds