Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This was supposed to be a mini update on our vacation!!!

Our vaction is now halfway over, and we are having a blast! When we get home, I'm going to do a blog post describing everything we've done, I just don't have time now, but I will give you a little update. Our first day here was spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We were gone all day, and got home late that night and were so tired!! But, we were ready to go again the next day. We spent the entire day at Universal Studios, and we spent some time in Harry Potter Land. We loved the rides at Universal, some of them were scary, but they were all fun. Today, we went to Hollywood Studios for the day, then went back to Magic Kingdom for a few rides tonight. We stay busy, but that's how we like it! Tomorrow, we'll be heading to Sea World for as long as Abby wants, they we might actually spend some time just hanging around our hotel pool, it's awesome anyway! Abby is having such a good time. She's had some problem with her feet, legs, and ankles being so swollen! I'm not sure if the humidity (it is 80% here, compared with 17% in St. George) is causing her pulmonary hypertension to flare up, or if it's just because we walk so much. We do have a wheelchair, but she still ends up doing quite a lot of walking. After talking to the transplant team, we decided to double up on her PH medication and see if that helps, so far it has a little. I did get nervous this morning. We got caught in a big rain storm and even though we were wearing our ponchos, we still got a little wet. Abby got cold and couldn't get warmed up. She was shivering and so uncomfortable that she was crying. She had the chills so bad! We decided to head back to the hotel for a while to get her warmed up again. I was worried she was getting sick, she was just kind of worn out today. But, after a hot bath and a quick nap, she perked right up again. One funny thing about Abby this trip is that she has no fear! Before her transplant, she'd get nervous for rides and sometimes would refuse to go on them! But not now, she wants to go on everything....even the rip rocket roller coaster at Univeral, and that thing even freaked me out (but I did it of course....once anyway!) The coolest thing is our VIP guest assistance pass. We just walk up to the attendant at the end of the line and they send us right up to the front! No lines!!! I sometimes feel a little guilty passing everyone and walking right in front of them, so I just pretend they just aren't there, and I never make eye contact with them :) I think that the people that work the rides have been told that if they see a pass like ours, they treat us like gold, and they do, it's awesome. We get to go on every ride multiple times!! I know that if we had to wait in the lines, Abby would be much more tired, she'd be having a hard time. We've also spent time passing out Abby's bracelets with instructions about Pay it Forward tomorrow. It's inspiring to see people get so excited to partipate with us and to spread the word. I'm so grateful to all of you that are also helping us with this. It's been touching for our family to see all of you that are sharing the links on facebook and are getting ready for tomorrow. Thank you for helping us give thanks for Abby's life and to show gratitude to her donor family. We have so much to be thankful for tomorrow and every day. We love all of you and are grateful, so grateful for your love and support. Please email me, or leave a blog comment or facebook comment sharing with us how you decided to Pay it Forward for Abby, we would love to hear. I will probably do a post tomorrow for Abby's anniversary, and when we get home I'll do a mega post about our trip! We are having so much fun together, we spend most of our days just laughing! Be grateful for your life tomorrow, and show that gratitude by soing something for someone else!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you are all having a great time! We love you Abby! You are so strong! :)