Monday, April 16, 2012

Abby's update and our video of the past 8 months :)

*** We fixed the link to Abby's video: part 2

How is Abby??  No change in how she feels, but we found out today that her CMV copy count has gotten worse.  We are almost up to 1,000 now. We were down in the 700's last week, but now we went up to our high.  We will be having the home health nurse come out again on Saturday morning to give her another IV infusion of cytogam.  You'd think that a medication that costs about $5,000/ dose would do the job!!  On Monday, we head back up for clinic where we will reevaluate our plan. It's possible that there's a drug resistance and we'll have to switch meds....I'm not sure what happens next actually, I guess that's why I'm the mom and not the doctor-that's one thing I don't have to worry about, I have to trust that the transplant team will do what's needed to make Abby better. 

It felt so good to have the weekend to catch up with things.  I think that going from 2 weeks at the hospital, to school the very next day was tough.  I felt like I had neglected many things and wasn't able to get on top of them.  I love my job and I love teaching, it's something that I have always felt very comfortable and confident doing.  Juggling taking care of Abby's needs with teaching has been a struggle, but it's what needs to be done, and I can do it.  I wouldn't give up either of those things for anything, it's just a matter of me being able to do both, and I'm getting better at that every day.  Going back to school after being in the hospital reminded of returning after Christmas break, you just feel a little "off" for a  few days, but then you get right back into your routine and all is well again.  I'm excited to finish off the year with my classes, I teach some amazing kids this year and I wish that I wouldn't have had to miss the beginning of the year!! Being at school also gives me a little escape from all of the worry and responsibility, I can totally switch gears when I'm there and just focus on my job, I think that's good for me. 

If you haven't had the chance to watch this awesome video that my good friend Amber made for us, you should!  I think Amber did a great job at capturing the overall feeling of our past 8 months, thanks Amber, we love it!  I left the link below.     Maybe this will be the week that Abby will turn the corner and start feeling better!!!  Just click on Abby: part 1 to see the first half of the video!

 Abby: Part 1               Abby: Part 2


  1. video doesnt work :(

  2. I fixed it! Sorry for some reason the 2nd part of the video was marked Private. It is now public. Sorry folks! Try it again!