Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A totally perfect clinic and pics of clinic, 6-month anniversary, and Dixie Rebels

 Clinic couldn't havebeen better on Monday!  It was one of those clinic visits that we all sat around for a minute, trying to figure out what we missed!  We think the swelling came back because of Abby's stomach virus she's had.  Her body just hasn't been able to absorb the meds she's been taking to help with the swelling.  Abby is doing great off of the steroids, her cheeks are almost back to normal too!  We don't go back to Salt Lake until March 12th, one whole month.  That's the longest amount of time we've spent away from PCMC since May 18th!

Abby was given the okay to play in her soccer tournament in Mesquite this weekend, so tomorrow she'll back on the field.  I will take some video.  She's also going to be starting some cardiac rehab tomorrow at Dixie Regional.  She will be the only transplanted kid they've had there!  I'm sure she'll love working out with all of those old farts :)  She should be able to make some new friends!

Abby and I were going to take pictures of an entire clinic visit, just so everyone could see what happens there.....but, we would always get about half way through and then forget what we were doing!  It just gets to busy when docs and the transplant team come in to talk, so maybe next time we'll add pictures from that too!  But, here's some pics from clinic, Abby's 6-month heart anniverary, the Dixie Rebel's Soccer Team, and a couple of Brock and Britt too.  Enjoy!

Abby right when we got there, we always scedule the 7:00 am appointment so we can get on the road back to St. George before too late.  Notice her early morning hot chocolate from Starbucks......she's addicted, it's a clinic day habit now!!!

The echocardiogram....Abby likes this, she thinks it's relaxing and she gets to watch whatever movie she wants...usually tangled, I love the "Mother Knows Best" song!

Just getting vitals!  Height, weight, blood pressure, and temperature,

This week she had to have an EKG, but she doesn't always!

They also wanted a chest xray, Abby is waiting for them to call her back!

The dreaded blood draw!!!  This week they were trying to figure out Abby's swelling, so they drew a lot of blood!!!
Only 1 poke is always the best!

Abby's 6-month heart-aversary!!

The Dixie Rebel Women's Soccer Team came and visited Abby at our school
one day, it was cool!  Each player introduced themselves and talked a little bit about what
position they played.
They gave Abby a soccer ball that each of them wrote a little note on,
a schedule and a scarf.  We are planning on going to some of their games this coming season.

I had to throw these pictures in too!  Britt and Brock both
went to the preference dance at the school last week!  It was
Brock's first dance, he just turned 16 last week, and one of Britt's
last high school dances, she graduates in May!!!


  1. Thanks for the picts. What a beautiful bunch of kids! Congratulations on a great clinic!!! LOVES!

  2. ONE MONTH??? That's awesome! What great photos and results! I hope you had a great 6 month party! You are a ninja mommy!