Monday, February 20, 2012

Abby's first soccer game since her transplant!!!!

This weekend, once again, we were able to see how incredible Abby really is!  She played in her first soccer game, since last April, on Thursday night-only 7 months post transplant, and only 9 months since she collapsed and her heart stopped beating at school on May 18th !  Seeing her out running on the soccer field was something that I can't even describe.  She had the biggest smile on her face, and the look of true contentment and accomplishment.  It was inspiring, it was remarkable, it brought tears to the eyes of many of the people standing on the sidelines.  It was something that no one expected could happen so soon after transplant......except Abby anyway!! 

She played a game on Thursday night, another game Friday morning, then another game on Saturday.  By Saturday, her legs were so sore and tired, she's lost so much of her strength, but she wanted to play anyway!  Luckily, her awesome team, The Dominators, were so amazing that they were able to play on Monday in the semi-final game as well!  I need to give a big thank you to Coach Jim for allowing Abby to play in the tournament and to be a part of the team.  She hasn't been able to attend every practice, or even completely finish the practices she has attended, and we know she isn't in great shape (yet!!!) but letting her play this past weekend was emotionally just what she needed!  It reminded her of what she can be, so thank you Dominators, and thank you coaches for giving her that opportunity!

Monday, after her team lost in the semi-finals, I was able to see how determined Abby really is.  She came off the field with tears in her eyes, not because her team didn't win (although that's never fun!) but because she was mad, mad that she wasn't able to play more minutes in the game and mad because she's not as strong and fit as she wants to be right now.  I had to remind her that it's going to take some time and to be patient and to give herself a break!!  But, she didn't want to listen to me, she was extremely discouraged.   She hasn't done anything for 8 months, and she had a heart transplant, but she wants to be out there kicking the crap out of the soccer ball and leaving her mark on the field!  I told her that no one, not one person, even thought she would be out running around on a soccer field this soon!  For her to even be out there was an accomplishment......and she played great too!!  I've decided that maybe she's seen how hard I am on myself all the time, and maybe she's starting to follow my example....not good, I guess it's time to make some changes in how I treat myself so that Abby can do the same for herself. 

Overall,   it was a sweet weekend.  I was proud, extremely proud.  We were able to spend a lot of time with family and friends, and a lot of time laughing and having fun together!  Brock and Britt were there at the games to support Abby, and we had tons of fun on the sidelines.......nothing was better that when Britt knocked Brock over in his chair as he was holding a water bottle without the lid on, and as he was tipping over in slow motion, he dumped the water bottle all over his head!!!  Or when I told Britt I'd give her ten bucks to pinch the refs butt-she refused of course, or when we were making fun of Siri being Brock's new girlfriend, or when I kept telling the other team to throw the ball in to our team when they on the sidelines, or when we kept pulling Britt's chair out from under her, etc. etc.  Good times......good weekend.........Life is good.

Abby's fans!!!  Britt and Brock having some fun!

This one was our favorite!!  Abby did a sweet header that saved a goal!!!!! 


  1. Abby your mom is right....You being out there on the field was a HUGE accomplishment! You will get back to where you want to be. Everything you are doing is getting you one step closer.

  2. Dang! That goal Abby saved would have been our equalizer :)
    I was so happy to see Abby running on the field and play soccer again. She is such an example of strength and determination. What a miracle!!
    An inspiration to all of us. Keep it up, Abby!

    Pascal Jammet
    Strikers FC head coach

  3. Go Abby!!! Amazing! And seriously don't feel bad, it took me a year to finally get back to the gym and start exercising regularly...and I didn't even HAVE a single heart surgery! I'm "just" the mom of a CHD baby, and THAT alone is exhausting. You are a champion and a soccer ninja. Keep working, and when you get frustrated with your body, just smile. It will make your day better. You are amazing. :)