Thursday, November 10, 2011

A post from Abby :D

Hey everyone! It's Abby. :) This is my second blog post since this has all started... As you know a couple weeks ago we were still in rejection, that means the Prednszone taper started over. That means big cheeks, achy legs, and worst of all- No school :( November 7th was going to be the day!!  But, my heart had other plans. So, the second trimester started without me again. We are kind of breaking the doctors rules:) I went to one class period today! Journalism. I need to be there for two reasons.
    1. I want to work on the yearbook. I think it will be fun! And if I'm behind I will have no idea what they are doing. Not good.
    2. I miss my friends. A lot. It's hard being on house arrest all the time... I need my friends! And the people aren't sure how to act around me still so this will be good to show them I'm just normal:)

It was a great day today. I got ALL my work done in school! Well, for one week anyway. I will probably go about two or three days a week and just get it done then. I sit in a classroom playing soft music and work. All day. It's great. :) Good news- November 19th is when I can go back! Which is weird becuase, well, thats a Saturday... Those tricky doctors! So that Friday I will go (I will still have to wear my mask until flu seasons over... But that's okay) then that next Monday we have clinic at Primary Children's again. Great. Then Tuesday I will go to school, then it's Thanksgiving break! They think they're so smart, which they are, I get one day of school before Thanksgiving! 

So we don't have to go to Salt Lake for two weeks!  Brocks semi-final football game WAS going to be up there, but the people in charge changed it to Dixie State! BEST. NEWS. EVER. No eight hour drive in one day!! Clinic last Monday went well. We drove up that morning at about 4:00 a.m. (I slept the whole way!) and got there exactly at 9. My mom's the bomb at being on time. She's NEVER late! We went in and talked to our secretary friends in the cardiology department, got my blood drawn ( Have to use the hands.. Arms are too worn out!) They got it on their first try! Almost every time since my new heart they've gotten it first try, I love this heart! After getting my sparkly bandaid we walked back into the cardiology department to wait for the echo people to come get me. They took my blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight, height, all that jazz then got to go in our favorite room that we somehow ALWAYS get stuck in- The fetal echo room. We usually like it in here, its got a nice couch and carpet! A new lady did my echo this time.. She pushed really hard on my ribs and it hurt. ( They are still tender from surgery) They also did my neck which they have never done before. ??? Oh well, I watch Tangled and quoted every word. :) My mom hates it when I do that. Maya, my heart friend was there, we didn't talk much,  but we do know they might have to get another ablation surgery.. Please pray for their family!  We went back into our little room and I colored on they back of the little papers they have there for little kids to color on. Sometimes I write stories about tacos and stuff.. :) I get bored! The docs came in, listened to my heart, and sent us home! It went by so fast it seemed like we forgot something, but we didn't. I hate that feeling. We have to go in to Dixie Regional on Monday to get lab work but thats all:) NBD.

Some bad news-- Headaches. Ouch! I've been getting REALLY bad headaches this week. Migraines even. I can't take most pain meds because of all of my other meds, so, only Tylenol. Yeah  I know, not good. One night it lasted from about 11 at night to 1 in the morning. It's even worse because you can't do anything about it! We've tried EVERYTHING: Tylenol, warm blankets, heating pad on my head, natural oils, no sound, no lights, sitting down, standing up, wash cloth on the face, and more. Only when we were desperate to do ALL of those things did it help enough for me to fall asleep until morning. One of my mom's friends brought over these oils that I think helped. Last night I didn't get one!! Yay! So hopefully I won't have any more. The doctors have no idea what it is... It might just be from the Prednisone taper, MiaBella's family said she has to go down a quater pill a time or she gets headaches... The tapers already slow, only 1/2 a pill a day, I can't imagine it being slower!
Well, after we get these headaches figured out everything will be great:)

 I'm glad I get to go to school and act like a normal kid again! It will be hard when I have to go back full time but I'll get used to it. Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa is great(: But I like kids my age too.... I'm thankful for everything you guys are doing!! We have Team Doman wristbands we are going to sell when I get back to school. $1! We have tons.


  1. Abby, I'm amazed by your strength and endurance through your trials. You inspire others. I am familiar with migraines, they are the worst. My trick is to catch it right when it starts. I put a cold pack, frozen peas, just something really cold, on the back of my neck and drink something caffeinated like coke or my favorite mt dew. Then rest, rest, rest. I hope you can find something that helps. Good luck with everything.

  2. Abby you are an awesome chic! I know you want to get back to the "normal" things but remember how far you have already come. Its all you. You are the reason you are here today. Your strength will continue. You must have something BIG to do in this world. Just take it all in. Thanks for posting its good to hear from you.

  3. Have fun back in school abby! you are such an inspiration and i hope you have fun with your friends in classes!